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Locate, Situate, and so on.


Taiwan is located on southeast of China.

我想表達 - 台灣在中國的東南邊.

Locate, Situate前者是表位置後者表情況嗎?


Taiwan is southeast of China.


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    Taiwan is located in the southeast of China.

    Taiwan is in the southeast of China.

    with "located", it means "使……座落於", without it, it is just "在 … 東南邊". It DOES NOT have "在中國的境內" meaning in it.

    Some people might use 'situated" to replace "located". However, "locate" is better, because it means "where something is", but "situate" means "put permanently in a place". Therefore, "locate" is more general than "situate".

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    put permanently in a place ==> put something permanently in a place

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    If you think locate and situate mean the same, then tell me why when someone is missing, the report would say:

    They have located the missing person,

    but NOT

    They have situated the missing person

    2014-04-25 11:44:47 補充:

    As you can see "locate" is for temporary situation, where they find this person is just at that moment, so they use "locate", not "situate".

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    On the other hand, when you try to tell people how you have settled down at a new location. You would say:

    I have situated in a nice and new apartment.

    You will NOT use "locate".

    2014-04-25 11:54:42 補充:

    These examples tell you that "locate" and "situate" are NOT the same, they can sometimes interchangeable, but it doesn't mean they are the same. For example:

    The town is located on top of the hill.

    The town is situated on top of the hill.

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    The reason you can use both is because "locate" is more general than "situate", so when you are talking about "position", locate and situate can be used interchangeably.

    2014-04-26 02:50:46 補充:

    That One Little Box: Made up connotations

    Please don't be so conceited! It is NOT just you know the English! If you do know, please be humble!

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    Situate 跟 Locate (至少在北美這裡)大家是通用的, 並且如果使用 situate 是比較優雅的說法,表示你的英文程度比較接近高中以上.

    兩句意思是一樣的, 個人感覺硬要比的話比較有可能暗示"台灣在中國的境內的東南" 是 Taiwan is to the southeast of China. 應為如果要縮多倫多在加拿大境內東邊是 Toronto 'lies'或 'is situated' to the east within Canada


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