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專有名詞翻譯 "Assumed film loss"

Assumed film loss

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    1. 「將assumed film loss」輸入 google 搜尋,結果五花八門,無用

    2. 使用 " " 鎖定 film loss二字,出現多筆有關潤滑油的資料

    3. 為確認,使用 「潤滑油 +film」,確認 film 指的是「油膜」

    4. 再度輸入「油膜損耗」,確認有此說法

    5. 全部組合:假設油膜損耗

    2014-04-30 06:26:38 補充:

    依 DSG 大師建議,改為「假定油膜損耗」。

    2014-04-30 06:51:58 補充:

    Since the asker referred "assumed film loss" as some sort of technical term. I treat "assumed" as an adjective. So "假設" is not a verb, but an adjective to specify the latter. Thanks to DSG, I think "假定" might be more proper for not so misleading as a verb.

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    1) 也可能是膠片損耗

    早期使用膠卷拍片時如果NG很多次, 就會造成較大的film loss

    2) 也可能是包裝收縮膜的損耗.

    3) 或是任何膜狀物的操作損耗.

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    老翻哥! You have shown a little trick in learning English! Nice!

    I would like to point out "assumed" is in past tense or past participle form. Without a complete sentence, it is hard to put "assumed" into context.

    2014-04-29 21:22:18 補充:

    Your transition treats "assumed" as a past tense. If it is a past participle: it becomes


    2014-04-30 10:02:45 補充:

    Master 老翻哥! You don't need to agree with me, you can simply add "的" into your original translation to make "assumed" as a past participle, like


    2014-04-30 10:15:16 補充:

    As a matter of fact, in Engineering, "假設" is better than "假定". After all, it is NOT an easy task to measure the "film loss". Besides, the application of "film" is very wide. We really have NO idea what "assumed film loss" is actually for.

    2014-04-30 10:16:07 補充:

    Right now, you and I are just two blind men trying to figure out what this elephant looks like.

    2014-04-30 10:20:12 補充:

    You and I both know this very well, a partial statement like this is everybody's guess, no right or wrong, even better or worse answer.

    2014-04-30 10:20:20 補充:

    Poster shall do as Master LionEnglish requested to post the entire sentence, so we can have better idea about "assumed" and the type of "film."

    2014-04-30 10:28:42 補充:

    My saying in #005 is just a different way to look at the same statement to show poster there can be many other ways to interpret it.

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    Film loss?

    Assumed = 假定的/設定的

    Film loss= 沒有聽過,但是應該是在一句話內?

    Film= 很多意思,電影,薄層。。


    Is this within one sentence? What is the whole sentence?