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因為想要幫天生殘疾的嬰兒發聲, 所以最近寫了一篇短文,

想麻煩各位幫忙翻成英文, 讓發表後能使更多國籍的人看得懂, 謝謝大家.





在日本廣島原子彈博物館有一幅照片,一名女子在母親的臂彎中露出安靜的微笑。微笑的女子A,現年59歲,是原子彈受害者中最年輕的一名。1945年8月6日,她在母親腹中遭遇廣島原子彈轟炸,導致百合子出生後長得十分緩慢,上小學時被診斷為小頭畸形。 百合子的父親現年88歲。與許多為避免歧視而保持緘默的小頭畸形患者家屬不同,這名老人的呼聲從未間斷。他不斷讓女兒接受雜誌、報紙、電視的採訪。



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    2013 is the story of McDonald's concerns that patients with down's syndrome in in-store dining scares other guests, police officers will therefore the patient off.This incident aroused public discontent, led by social welfare groups and members took to the streets in protest, asking people to face the tragedy.So we advocate in the fetus unable to independently choose the case, parents should want the baby to stay in power to avoid similar tragedies.Japan Hiroshima atomic bomb Museum there is a picture, a woman in a quiet smile in his mother's arms. Smiling woman, aged 59, is the youngest of the bomb victims. On August 6, 1945, she was in the mother's abdomen suffered atomic bombings of Hiroshima, led Yuriko looked very slow after birth, grade school was diagnosed with microcephaly. Yuriko's father, aged 88. And many kept silent to avoid discrimination differ from the family members of patients with microcephaly, calls for apology never stopped. He continued to let his daughter receive the magazine, newspaper and television interviews.Why would he do this? "Yuriko as an Angel of peace, telling the world horror of the atomic bomb. I'm sorry, but this is the only thing she can do. "This 88 year old dad said.Beyond the daily life of the fetus after birth, for a lifetime of burden on the parents. Because of this reason, we insist that parents should have the right to determine fate of the fetus.

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