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急!! 誰可以幫我把中文自傳翻成英文自傳











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  • 6 年前

    申請大學要用的嗎? 內容是平實無華, 再加一些特別的經歷或是對未來的看法會更好 ...可以幫忙稍微翻一下作參考 但希望你能自己去試著修改

    I'm 000, 19 years old. I live in a lovely family with 5 persons, my parents, two elder sisters and a younger brother.

    We four brothers and sisters have a strong connection between us, because we know how to respect and forgive each other.

    My parents told us "Nothing is definitely right or wrong, it is only the matter of different values and preferences, that makes people argue." By the teaching of my parents, I always listen to others opinions patiently and try to stand in their shoes to understand their viewpoints, that is why I earned a lot of friendship in my school.

    My parents are very open, we can chat everything with them like friends, we encourage each other, sometimes we are just teasing and laugh together. They always say "Your future is paved by yourself, you will only achieve your idea by working hard," When I am at the crossroads in my life,they would respect my decision and give me the proper advice or guide me to the right path.

    My family makes me a nice and easy going person, to my brother and sisters, I'm very gentle.

    I have never got the brilliant grade in school, but every teachers I met taught me

    carefully and always encouraged me, by their consideration, I study hard constantly, try to find out my interests and my future.

    After I enter this University, I expect my english could be progressed and also understand the basic use and daily conversation of korean.

    參考資料: meh
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  • 6 年前

    I'm OOO. I'm nineteen years old. I have six family members including two big sisters and one little brother. I'm the third child in the family. My brothers and sisters are really close. We know each other and know how to respect and forgive each one. My parents teach me that no idea is wrong, merely non worthy or favors of each one. Quarrel occurs.

    Thanks to their instruction, I patiently listen to other's opinions and put myself in others shoes. so I am popular in school.They think open and like to be my mentor sharing everything to me as dearly friends. They are on my side and give me cozy hug sometimes. They say opportunity left for someone who are ready for challenge and future lies in exertion.

    When facing problems, they respect my decision and give me suggestions making me go out of my way.

    Growing up in this family, I am a lively, witty, good-natured person among friends.

    In school, my record is on average. In each phase of learning, teachers I met instruct me attentively and like to cheer me up. With their care, I learn constantly to enrich myself, getting a hobby and finding out my future.

    Hope that after I enter this collage, my English can be better. Furthermore, I can understand Korean better, and chat with Koreans.

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    譬如 文中提到


    以英文自傳的角度而言 太vague了 看了不會有印象

    應該改成具體的某個事件 讓你印證到爸媽的話是正確的


    如果重寫後需要翻亦 我可以幫你

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