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MatterTrack - It's Time for a Better Matter Management Solution

MatterTrack™ is a matter management solution that helps large organizations

work with outside counsel to manage matters more effectively, create budgets,

forecast fees and disbursements, report actual spend and prepare year-end accruals.

With a complete suite of tools including MT Reports™ and Compliance Driver™,

you can access comprehensive data at the level you need to make intelligent,

proactive business decisions. MatterTrack is a Web-based solution with upgrades

delivered seamlessly via the Web and a license model that allows you to scale with

your matter management requirements. Today, more than 800 firms worldwide use our

software to manage budgets, forecasts, reporting, compliance, and more.


MatterTrack tools are simple, but powerful. With features like MT Reports

and Compliance Driver, you have the ability to manage outside counsel and accurately

budget, forecast, report and prepare accruals.


As a stand-alone system or integrated with your billing, business intelligence or

accounting software, MatterTrack is standards-based and developed to ensure your

security and compliance needs.

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