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Scientists decipher first ???

Scientists decipher first termite genome



討論一下吧! 這裡的first是神詞性 在修飾神東東啊?




I think the coffin guys still somehow miss my point.

My point:

"first" termite, first termite genome, or "the first" is definitely not the first termite on earth, for there are billions of other termites out there.

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So, although "first" is indeed an adjective modifying termite syntactically, it's phrase is definitely, as Melon said, is meant to qualify "decipher" - to mean, this is the first time someone deciphers something.

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> No doubt that "first" serves as an adjective, but what is not as obvious is the idiomatic usage > Prisoner and DSG have mentioned.

Agree! Agree!

So, grammatically, can I say "first, the adj" is (semantically) an adverb modifying the verb (decipher)?

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> "decipered first genome" = deciphered the termite genome for the very first time

Here, you seemed to suggest that "first" = "for the first time" (an adverb modifying decipher)?

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Further question for TW Eng teacher:

How do you teach this to your students in TW?

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As matter of fact, I am so curious on how Louis 大大 would explain this.

His answers and (grammatical) analysis are always sound and complete.

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  • 6 年前

    This is one of the commonly used abbreviations in article titles: "the first" abbreviated as "first", an adjective.

    報章雜誌文章標題常用的缩寫之一,使用 first 替代 the first,當形容詞。

    Here's a similar title:



    Nasa 發現第一顆類似地球的行星

    Youtube thumbnail

    2014-05-22 23:18:53 補充:

    No doubt that "first" serves as an adjective, but what is not as obvious is the idiomatic usage Prisoner and DSG have mentioned.

    "decipered first genome" = deciphered the termite genome for the very first time

    2014-05-22 23:27:18 補充:


    也是"第一次"之意。但是 discovered first something 是習慣用法來表達"首度發現"之意

    make first investment 也是:

    Google made first direct investment in a utility-scale renewable energy project

    Google 第一次直接投資於.

    Have you earned your first thousand bucks from the U.S. stocks?

    2014-05-22 23:56:10 補充:

    Sematically, I agree "first" indeed MEANS "for the very first time".

    But grammatically it goes with "termite..." to form an idiom conveying that meaning.

    The case, IMHO, is more about idiomatic expressions / structures, which may have a long history: V. first O.

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  • 6 年前

    Why can't I understand 007?

    Can James Bond explain to me?

    Or Melon?

    2014-05-26 22:34:51 補充:

    Thanks a lot for explaining~


    │ .✪‿✪ │

    ╰/) ⋈ (\╯

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  • 羅莉
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    6 年前

    囚犯妳還是比較適合吃白蟻, 鮮美多了.

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  • 6 年前

    I think Melon dude has fallen into a royal entrapment...

    2014-05-21 09:48:35 補充:

    Semantically, I tend to agree with the melon. However...

    In TW, we can see the same:


    2014-05-21 10:25:32 補充:



    2014-05-21 21:17:09 補充:

    You don't need grease on your feet to step on and kill a snail.

    I can BBQ it so that nothing goes wasted.


    2014-05-21 21:31:19 補充:

    Confused not, my pu$$y cat, I would explain, but only after I am done with snail BBQ. As for 007, I just sent her to the moon.

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  • 6 年前

    In my opinion, "first" is used as an adverb to describe "decipher". After all, it means: for the first time, scientists decipher termite genome, not the first termite genome.

    2014-05-21 09:37:01 補充:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! That was what I hope for, because I like to learn something new AGAIN, something that I didm't see.

    2014-05-21 09:42:48 補充:

    My own question is, when "first" uses to describe a verb, it can be placed before or after the verb. However, the position is unique for different verb, for example:

    2014-05-21 09:43:22 補充:

    … as they first appear (not "appear first")

    … when I first saw her (not "saw first")

    … arrive first (not "first arrive")

    … would die first (not "first die")

    2014-05-21 09:44:54 補充:

    Hence, for "decipher", if "first" is to describe it, shall it be "decipher first" or "first decipher"?

    2014-05-21 11:08:19 補充:

    Shall I glue my buttock here, or grease my feet?

    2014-05-21 21:39:01 補充:

    Master IJK:

    What 007 means is similar to what the original question is. In English, it can be vague, but in Chinese, it is less likely. Chinese would place "第一(隻)" next to the word that it is used to describe.

    2014-05-21 21:40:26 補充:

    Besides we would use something like "第一隻" or "第一", not like in English, it only has "first".

    2014-05-23 06:52:30 補充:

    How about this one:

    Why do men die first joke?

    Does it mean "first joke" or die first"?

    2014-05-24 06:53:34 補充:

    Look like master AP has greased her feet for the memorial weekend!

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