Scientists decipher first ???

Scientists decipher first termite genome

討論一下吧! 這裡的first是神詞性 在修飾神東東啊?


更新: I think the coffin guys still somehow miss my point.

My point:

"first" termite, first termite genome, or "the first" is definitely not the first termite on earth, for there are billions of other termites out there.
更新 2: So, although "first" is indeed an adjective modifying termite syntactically, it's phrase is definitely, as Melon said, is meant to qualify "decipher" - to mean, this is the first time someone deciphers something.
更新 3: > No doubt that "first" serves as an adjective, but what is not as obvious is the idiomatic usage > Prisoner and DSG have mentioned.

Agree! Agree!
So, grammatically, can I say "first, the adj" is (semantically) an adverb modifying the verb (decipher)?
更新 4: > "decipered first genome" = deciphered the termite genome for the very first time

Here, you seemed to suggest that "first" = "for the first time" (an adverb modifying decipher)?
更新 5: Further question for TW Eng teacher:

How do you teach this to your students in TW?
更新 6: As matter of fact, I am so curious on how Louis 大大 would explain this.
His answers and (grammatical) analysis are always sound and complete.
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