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有人能幫我翻譯這兩段嗎 ??


These treatments were distributed in a randomized block containing 3 repeats and each sampling plot

has 10 square meters, the amount of organic manure and chemical fert ilizer cult ivation converted into

equal quantity nitrogen fertilizer. The deficiency the phosphate (P) and potassium (K) in organic

fertilizers, use Ca(H2PO4)2 and K2SO4 to supply

Table 1 shows the character of vegetative growth in organic manure cult ivation and chemical fert ilizer

cultivation condition. Comparing the data in the table it can be seen, there is significant low in the plant

height, stem d iameter and the dry weight in organic manure cultivation at the early growth stage, But as the

growth processing, the stem d iameter, stem length and the dry weight of the above-ground part has exceeded

chemical fertilizer cultivation in 80 days after transplanting compared with the chemical fertilizer cultivation,

although the seedling growth was lower at the early stage. The result shows the restricting factors of the Stevia

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