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昀柔 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前


1. The Pingxi Lantern Festival is one of the most colorful Chinese New Year ______ in Taiwan.

(A) contributions (B) celebrations (C) congratulations (D) comments

2 We decided to ______ the meeting to the following Monday.

(A) postscript (B) postdate (C) postpone (D) postgraduate

3. You must _________ your seatbelt.

(A) take (B) tight (C) fasten (D) fast

4. They _____________ to see New York City attractions on their vacation.

(A) comment (B) expect (C) except (D) support

5. In nineteen fifty-nine, an ____________ art museum opened in New York City.

(A) unusual (B) familiar (C) common (D) regular

6. Rowling suddenly __________ the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry.

(A) halted (B) stopped (C) decreased (D) developed

7. Despite great ____________, Ang Lee remains humble.

(A) fact (B) achievements (C) opinion (D) suggestion

8. The workers were __________ when they heard there was no bonus for them this year.

(A) disabled (B) disguised (C) disgraced (D) disappointed

9. It is very possible that you will be interacting with a wide ______ of people from different

countries and you will make many new friends.

(A) range (B) area (C) location (D) district

10. One of the side _________ of the medication is headaches.

(A) effects (B) results (C) factors (D) products

11. Mr. Smith is ___________ as one of the best lawyers in the field.

(A) regarded (B) noticed (C) thought (D) believed

12. The hotel where I stayed in Macau ________ breakfast and shuttle bus service into the city center.

(A) cooked (B) presented (C) provided (D) showed

13. I bought this laptop produced by Toshiba Corporation based on Sarah’s ____________.

(A) reference (B) recommendation (C) exhibition (D) acceptance

14. The fire was _______________ by a team of experts.

(A) interrogated (B) investigated (C) intimidated (D) instigated

1 個解答

  • ???
    Lv 4
    6 年前

    1. B

    2. C

    3. C

    4. B

    5. A

    6. D

    7. B

    8. D

    9. A

    10. A

    11. A

    12. C

    13. B

    14. B

    P.S. Please ask me any problems you have with these questions if you don't understand. I will gladly answer any questions you have :)

    參考資料: 自己 希望你滿意 :)
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