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Budget, Forecast & Accrual

Mass Tort Management

MT Reports

Tiered Access to Info

SOX Compliance

Vendor Communication

MatterTrack Features

MatterTrack™ is comprised of a broad suite of tools that allows you to

efficiently manage outside counsel across matters and geography with a simplicity inherent to

Web-based solutions. Developed on industry standards, MatterTrack is shaped by the expressed

needs of Fortune 500 enterprises with significant outside counsel spend.

Budget, Forecast & Accrual

Accurately view matters and avoid duplicate billing and payment with updates

from outside counsel on a schedule that you specify.

Mass Tort Management

Manage matters across multiple firms allowing you to consolidate individual

matters and assign to outside counsel.

MT Reports™

Eliminate individual report creation for each outside firm allowing you to

optimize resources. With standard features like Compliance Driver™

allowing you to run exception reports for compliance or customized reports

to meet your specific needs, comprehensive reporting is available for export to

Excel in a single click.

Tiered Access to Information

Create role-based privileges allowing you to maintain

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