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我想請問think of/about

think of 和 think about 他們的用法跟意思(不同的) 能幫我多舉例嗎?

如果我想表達我想到某是 我該如何表達

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  • 6 年前

    Think of 和 think about 他們的用法跟意思(不同的) 能幫我多舉例嗎?

    如果我想表達我想到某是 我該如何表達

    ღ…。…。ღ…。…。ღ ღ…。…。ღ…。…。iღ ღ

    註解: Think of :表示打算、想起、考慮、關心等意思

    例1: Joey was always thinking of others. 祖兒總是為別人著想。

    例2: I can't think of his name anymore. . 我再也想不起他的名字了。

    Think about 表示思考、研究、考慮的意思

    例1:I often thought about what my father said. 我常常想到爸爸說過的話。

    例2: I'll think about your suggestion. 我會考慮一下你的建議。

    Think over 意為「仔細考慮」

    ღ…。…。ღ…。…。ღ ღ…。…。ღ…。…。iღ 

    I need several days to think this matter over.我需要數天時間去仔細考慮一下這件事情。

    ★如果我想表達我想到某是 我該如何表達

    例: I was always thinking of you when you were studying in England. 當妳在英國讀書的時候,我時常想起妳。


    參考資料: Yoyo
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    6 年前


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  • 6 年前

    think of:-somebody/something phrase:-

    (1)to have formed a possible but not firmly settled plan for

    eg:-I'd thought of pink for the baby room.

    eg:-I am thinking of going to HK for holidays,but we haven't decided for certain yet.

    (2)to have an opinion about:-

    eg:-What do you think of the govt's latest attack to Red China?

    (3)to take into account;consider

    eg:-Think of the risks you're taking in China !!

    eg:-It's a nice idea, but think of the capital cost !!!

    (4)used after cannot,try,want

    eg:-I can't think of his name.

    ----eg:-I tried to think of her phone-no.but couldn't.

    (5)not think much of:-

    eg:-I don't think much of the Town-Centre.

    (6)not think of:-

    eg:-I wouldn't think of letting you walk home alone!

    (7)think better of/poorly of/nothing of/think the world of=to care about very much....He may get angry sometimes, but really he thinks the world of you(Mary) by getting you money !!

    Think about:-something; phrase:-

    eg:-to consider seriously before making a decision

    eg:-Daddy, will you buy me a new motor cycle ?

    ------I don't know;I have to think about it.

    When you think of something,you should say:-

    eg:-I am thinking of going to Red China/HK/MaYingKau's House/SE China?etc.(for my holidays)----(but I have not decided for certain) yet.What do you think (about) it?Whay do you think (of) it ?

    ---think of the money,etc. ?????!!!!!

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