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請幫我將文章中間連接的中文翻成英文 謝謝~

一整篇都是專有名詞 所以我將專有名詞給換成英文了

請高手幫我把中間剩下的中文翻成英文連接起整篇文章 謝謝高手了~

在China,1996年3月, Standing Committee of the National修訂《Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China》第212條第2款規定:death penalty採用槍決或者注射方式執行。這是China首次把採用injection of medication執行death penalty的方式寫入法律,並於1997年1月1日正式生效。

China部分省份以廢除firing squad的方式,全部採用death by lethal injection。

現在有使用death by lethal injection的country,通常都已經以death by lethal injection代替execute by shooting,所以犯人不必選擇。

5.death by lethal injection與Euthanasia有何差別?

death by lethal injection,或injection of drug、lethal injection是指利用注射足以致命劑量的藥劑(通常是barbiturate、muscle relaxant和Potassium solution)使被注射對象立即死亡的一個方法與過程。主要用於death penalty的執行,也可能在Euthanasia或suicide中。通常會先讓被注射者喪失意識,然後停止其呼吸和心跳。

一開始,通過intravenous injection1克的Thiopental Sodium促使昏迷。在對barbiturate有強耐受力的情況下,可以將藥量加至1.5-2克。然後注射45毫克的alcuronium chloride或18克的pancuronini bromidum。為確保效果最佳,這些藥劑應當是intravenous injection。然而,它們通過intramuscular injection也同樣有效。在患有嚴重的Hepatitis或hepatitis 時,最好使用alcuronium chloride。

執行Euthanasia過程中,intravenous injection是最可靠和迅速的方式。首先通過intravenous injection 20 mg/千克濃度的小劑量Thiopental Sodium(10ml的生理鹽水中)導致昏迷。然後是三倍於正常intravenous injection用量的nondepolarizer,比如說 20 mg 的pancuronini bromidum or Vecuronium Bromide。muscle relaxant應當被intravenous injection,以確保達到最佳效果。只對pancuronini bromidum來說,如果有實際跡象指出應該這樣做,那麼病人也可以接受40毫克用量的intramuscular injection



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    In China, on March, 1996, Standing Committee of the National Amendment "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 212, paragraph 2: death penalty by firing squad or the use of injection execution. This is the first time China executed using the injection of medication the way death penalty into law, and on January 1, 1997 came into effect.

    China to abolish the firing squad in some provinces the way, all with death by lethal injection.

    Now there's the use of death by lethal injection country, usually have to death by lethal injection instead of execute by shooting, so inmates do not have to choose.

    What is the difference 5.death by lethal injection and Euthanasia?

    death by lethal injection, or injection of drug, lethal injection is the use of lethal injection drug dose (usually barbiturate, muscle relaxant and Potassium solution) was injected to make the death of an immediate object methods and processes. Mainly used for execution of death penalty may also be in the Euthanasia or suicide. Let the loss of consciousness is usually injected, and then they stop their breathing and heartbeat.

    Initially, prompting a coma by intravenous injection1 grams Thiopental Sodium. In a strong tolerance to barbiturate case, the dose can be added to 1.5-2 grams. Then 45 mg alcuronium chloride injection, or 18 grams of pancuronini bromidum. To ensure the best results, these agents should be intravenous injection. However, they are also effective by intramuscular injection. When suffering from severe Hepatitis or hepatitis, the best use of alcuronium chloride.


    2014-06-08 15:22:04 補充:

    Euthanasia execution process, intravenous injection is the most reliable and expeditious manner. First, by intravenous injection 20 mg / kg concentrations of small doses of Thiopental Sodium (10ml saline) lead to coma.

    2014-06-08 15:22:25 補充:

    Then three times the normal amount of intravenous injection of nondepolarizer, for example, 20 mg of pancuronini bromidum or Vecuronium Bromide. muscle relaxant should be injection intravenous, to ensure the best results.

    2014-06-08 15:22:40 補充:

    Only pancuronini bromidum, it should be pointed out that if there are real signs of doing so, the patient can accept the amount of intramuscular injection of 40 mg

    Euthanasia device may also allow a person to perform this procedure alone.

    2014-06-08 15:22:55 補充:

    Excess of Potassium may also make people stop heartbeat within 20 seconds.

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