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  • 6 年前

    With a master degree in Leisure Management,I’ve entered the related industry for 6~7 years, with the last job as being a sales rep and planner for imported top-tier home deco products, the job duties of which ranged from developing new clients and holding on to old ones, to visiting them on a regular basis to build relationships, business dealings and orders processing, price quotation and product demonstration and receivables collection, business promotion and communication and broadcasting critical company messages, events and products. I stand one hundred percent behind any applied job of my choice, and shall fully comply with employment requirements as shift work and duty shifts, for instance. If employed, I’ll do my best to cooperate faithfully and learn humbly and carry myself with a sheer devotion.


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  • 4 年前

    真的! 現在那們競爭的社會

    有的當舖都掛羊頭賣狗肉 還沒借都講得很好聽

    借了之後 難商量 難溝通 被綁住的感覺


    自從我找到了 中壢仁寶當舖 之後 那種感覺完全不見

    覺得 仁寶當舖 跟那些當舖 完全不同

    完全不必看人臉色 就跟去銀行的感覺一樣

    服務態度好 以客至上 詳細解說

    不會有被騙的感覺 店長 人非常親切 好商量

    真心推薦 中壢仁寶當舖 本人親身經歷

    也可以上網搜尋看看 風評超好 超多人推薦

    中壢YKK對面 非常好找 03-4520077

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