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    I have always been very hard to study when I was boy, my parents both of are retired teachers, I always been able to save pocket money and work-study allowance gold investment funds and stocks, I was graduated from the University of Leisure Management of Kang Ning, during at school, in addition to carefully studying undergraduate department compulsory courses, because of their high level of interest for any full knowledge, so a number of elective courses in different fields, to get to know all aspects of the field, in the junior year, and to obtain licenses tour guides, leader guides for full understanding, but also a lot of businesses engaged in direct marketing aspects of the work, to behave, but also have some sales ability foundation, personally like reading, a wide range of learning, as long as something very fresh and very willing to try go read it.

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    I have a diligent nature ever since I was a kid. My parents are retired teachers. I am a student part-timer and I make good use of my income and allowance to invest in stocks and funds. As a graduate from Kang Ning University, I put effort in every courses of my major, management in leisure activities, as well as other fields. I am highly interested in various kind of knowledge and have certain ideas in every field. In the third year of my college life, I obtained Tourist guide's occupation license in touring industry, thus I am well-prepared with know-hows in this field. In addition, I am familiar with direct selling and marketing because I used to be a salesman which cultivated my interpersonal and selling skills. I am a reader and a learner, what is more, I never say no to challenges.

    參考資料: Myself and Google
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