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How do I turn off my heater in the house?

it sounds kind of stupid.... but how? Our house is built on 1996 and it uses a honeywell control dial. I live in Vancouver and I don't believe that we have a AC. Since summer is pretty hot, but I feel my house is unbearable at night and I just want to make sure my heater isn't adding more problem to my heat stroke at nights.

So, on my honeywell dial, it doesn't have a on/off switch. Can I just turn it way down and assume it shuts off heat?

ps. I don't even know how is my house being heated in the winter, I know there is a water heater that uses city gas, but I thought it is only for hot water or is it also for the heating system as well?

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  • 7 年前

    Hello, The Honeywell thermostat you describe is heat only with no a\c. Turning it all the way to the lowest number will keep the heat from coming on unless it's broken, find your heater. it's a godd idea anyway to know what heats your home. There should be a off switch on the heater. i always put one.

    If not a on/off switch that is painted red. Or the the breaker which i think you should also become familiar with in case you need to find it during the winter.



  • 7 年前

    It should have an off switch or button.

    If nothing else look on the net for the manufacturer of the heater, use the model number to find the info.

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    7 年前

    Turn the stat all the way towards zero should shut the heat off. Or look on the boiler for a stat to turn down, otherwise, just turn the electric to the boiler off.

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