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(1) Koxinga was born in Southern Japen in 1624.His father,Zheng Zhilong,was a very wealthy Chinese pirate with his own army and his mother was Japanese. When Koxinga was seven they moved to Fujian province in China, where he In 1661, gerw up

(2) In 1661, Koxinga took 400 warships and 25,000 troops to the island of Formosa, which was controlled by Holland at that time. After a smooth sea crossing, Koxinga immediately went to war agains the Dutch on the island. After eight months of fighting, the Dutch decided to surrender. They gave their property to Koxinga and left the isiand0 peace.

(3)Koxinga's next plan was to make Taiwan a base to fight the Qing in China,but he died mysteriously four months later in June 1662. Some legends say he died while in a fit of anger with his men. Other people think he died of sadness because the Qing killed his father and destroyed his family's tomb. The most probable story is he died of malaria,which was very common in the hot summers on the island

(4)Jian-Hua is from Hang Zhou in China. He took his family for a one-week holiday in Bali, an island in Indonesia. "It was a great trip. There are lots of activities for the whole family on the beach. I had surfing lessons with my wife and two sons. I also went parasailing . I was pulled behind a speedboat on a parachute. I went high above the beach. It was really excitinge perience.

(5)of course, the large number of visitors can damage the marine environment. Brett from New Zealand works on a marine conservation project in Malaysia. He has some advice for tourists. Whatever kind of beach holiday you want, it's important to thing about the environment. You have to remember not to litter the beaches or contaminate water with soap or chemicals. You should also be carefu not to disturb wildlife such as birds and turtles, which need the beaches

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    (4)建華是從杭洲在中國。他把他的家人一個星期的假期在巴厘島,在印度尼西亞的島嶼。 “這是一個偉大的旅行,有很多適合全家人在沙灘上活動。我曾衝浪與我的妻子和兩個兒子的教訓,我也去了滑翔傘。我拉到後面的降落傘快艇,我去了高高在上沙灘上,這是真的興奮。



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