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Tear(Noun) is countable?

give an example: the rims of her eyes were red with tears(他紅著眼眶和淚水)



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  • Louis
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    6 年前

    Tears are the drops of salty liquid that come out of your eyes when you are crying.但可以做單數用,如:I didn't shed a single tear.=我連一滴浪都沒流下來。

    You can say that someone bursts into tears to indicate that they are crying.

    動詞tear與流淚無關,是另一個字,意思是「撕破」。如:If you tear paper, cloth, or another material, of if it tears, you pull it into two pieces or you pull it so that a hole appears in it.

    When you cry, tears come from your eyes, usually because you are unhappy or hurt.這時的cry是指哭。

    cry也可以指大叫。如:Thousands of Ukrainians burst into cries of 'bravo' on the steps of the parliament.

    2014-06-12 22:06:25 補充:

    typo:「 淚」誤打成「浪」。

    參考資料: Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners
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  • 6 年前

    Louis 大師英明!


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  • 6 年前

    請不要把 tear 這字讀得這麼表面

    tear (noun)也可以當作"難過(心中流淚)"來用


    I shed many tears for him...為他難過了好酒(有沒有哭,倒是不一定)

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