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求中翻英 感謝





However, Because of insufficient life jackets and life boats, some of them will meet their demises ultimately.

以前老師曾說Because of 不可放句首



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不太確定是due to 還是owing to不能放句首

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不太確定是due to 還是because of不能放句首

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  • jose
    Lv 6
    7 年前

    船身逐漸傾斜,許多乘客放聲大哭,驚慌失措.The ship began listing slowly. Many , in panic, bursted into tears. 有的人祈求神蹟的出現,幫助他們逃生, 然而因為救生衣和救生艇的不足,使的部分人難逃一死,However, Because of insufficient life jackets and life boats, some of them will meet their demises ultimately.人人爭先恐後搶奪救生衣,卻不知如何穿戴,因為未接受逃生訓練Scuffling each other for a life jacket exacerbated the dire situation, and for those ,who were lucky enough to have one on their backs, had never been told( or trained ) to wear them correctly. List :verb(used without object) (of a ship or boat) toincline to one side. The ship listed to starboard.Predicament 困境 a unpleasantly difficult, perplexing or dangerous situation.Demise死亡 death.Scuffle : to fight or struggle in a confused way.Starboard:船右舷.

    2014-06-13 12:44:46 補充:


    Some prayed for a divine miracle of getting out of this predicament safely

  • 船身逐漸傾斜,許多乘客放聲大哭,驚慌失措.有的人祈求神蹟的出現,幫助他們逃生,然而因為救生衣和救生艇的不足,使的部分人難逃一死,

    The boat tilted slowly. Many broke into tears, dumbfounded. Some were praying for the miracle to help them out. But due to lack of life jackets and boats, some died.

    2014-06-13 14:47:43 補充:


    And untrained some striving to get one piece of jacket failed to have them put on correctly.

    2014-06-13 14:51:55 補充:

    The boat改成the ship

  • ?
    Lv 5
    7 年前

    The hull is sloping gradually and many passengers burst into tears in a panic.

    Some people pray for the occurrence of miracles to help them escape.However, due to lack of life vests and lifeboats, not all of them can survive. People are scrambling to get the life vests, but having no idea about how to put it on because they didn't take

    escape training before.