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arrested development(發展受阻)的笑點


Lucille: I’ll have the Ike and Tina tuna.

Loretta: Plate or platter?

Lucille: I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.


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  • 6 年前

    簡單說,Lucille 點一道餐點,服務生問她要大的還是小的(類似:要單點還是要套餐?)。Lucille 應該選其中一種,但是她變得很不高興,拒不回答。

    笑點:點餐沒有人這樣子的。(照說,如果真的聽不懂,應該問一下 What's the difference? 但我想她並非不懂,真正原因可能是她覺得這個問題是要侮辱她 -- 需要吃大號的餐。)

    Ike and Tuna 是菜單上的一道餐點名稱。

    原先 Ike and Tuna 是有名歌唱雙人組,後來 Tuna 單飛,即有名的 Tina Tuna.

    應該是名字 Tuna 和 Tuna fish 相似,所以被餐廳連同 Ike 拿來作為餐點名稱。

    Platter 是 比較豐富的『大餐』,甚至可以是兩人份。

    Plate 是比較小份的餐。


    最可能的是 Lucille 認為她吃小餐很明顯,生氣服務生多此一問。



    Platter often refers to an entree served with other sides you choose. Plate is often smaller in size and only offers one side. Also you have more room on a platter. It is oval shaped, where as a plate is round and thus is limited to what it can hold.


    2014-06-14 01:38:13 補充:

    感謝幾位大師的意見和指正。的 Tina Turner 才是正確的。

    所謂笑點,有時看觀眾個人反應。像我看到菜單有 Ike and Tuna 就覺得很好笑。

  • 6 年前

    從Lucille進門的言行顯示她的勢利態度(雖然家道中落,仍然十分看不起人: snobbish). 如果我沒有估計錯,這段沒有笑點,而是在為後面的笑點鋪路(setting up "the joke's on Lucille" later)。

  • 6 年前

    Ike & Tina Turner 正解

    把這一對六十年代歌壇老搭檔的名號套到鮪魚餐 tuna 上, 實屬天才之作

    這一段並無笑點, 純粹表明 Lucille is a bitch

    當然, 就是因為看 Lucille 這種無理取鬧, 某些人覺得有趣

    歐美國家侍者並非僕傭, 一般人到餐館也都對他們很客氣, 像這一段裡 Lucille 的態度是很罕見的, 至於侍者問及 plate or platter, 很正常, 沒啥特別涵義

  • 6 年前

    Ike and Tina Turner?

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  • 6 年前

    Master Pallbearer has all the points for its funny part!

    According to my experience, in US restaurants, when you order "platter" (for example for BBQ ribs), it means you are going to share with others. As for "plate", usually, it is for yourself only.

    2014-06-12 23:50:41 補充:

    Hence, Loretta wants make fun of Lucille by using "platter", when it is obvious "plate" is suitable.

    2014-06-13 12:07:38 補充:

    Humor has a lot to do with cultural background. A funny statement in one culture might NOT have the same effect in other culture, in fact, it might EVEN be offensive. When you learn English, you shall also learn its culture, so you can blend into their society.

    2014-06-13 12:10:57 補充:

    Take the following joke as example:


    If you translate it into English, I am sure native English speaker cannot understand why it is funny.

    2014-06-13 12:16:28 補充:

    Just like the question you asked, if you translate it into Chinese, there is NOTHING to be funny about. However, if you live in US and have been different restaurants, then you would know the difference between plate and platter.

    2014-06-13 12:18:01 補充:

    Lucille definitely know the meaning of plate and platter, she is just doing what Chinese refer as "裝蒜" !

    2014-06-13 12:22:29 補充:

    In a word, you cannot understand why it is funny is because you don't know their culture deep enough. You have asked many questions related to "arrested development" program. This is a great way to learn!

    2014-06-13 12:23:11 補充:

    typo in #008:

    Lucille definitely know … ==> Lucille definitely knows …

    2014-06-13 12:42:09 補充:

    "arrested development" program likes to play with words and logic, if you have the interest, you can watch M.A.S.H., then its jokes have a lot to do with US culture.

    2014-06-13 12:45:36 補充:

    M.A.S.H has both film and TV series, what I refer to is the TV series.