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這句新聞標頭 是什麼意思啊?

Scoring Onslaught Does In Defending Champions可以幫我翻成中語嗎?

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    I think the headline implies multiple interpretations, certainly it suits the taste of sophisticated readers of New York Times. Yet I wondered, is "do in sb. or sth." a common phrasal verb in daily communication, meaning " to ruin, murder or destroy completely"?

    Let's take a look of how other news outlets chose to write their headline.

    Netherlands THRASHES Spain 5-1 in World Cup opener - SFGate

    Netherlands THUMP Spain in Salvador - CNN International

    Netherlands DISMANTLE Spain at its own game - USA TODAY

    Netherlands TROUNCE Spain 5-1 -

    Scoring Onslaught Does In Defending Champions - New York Times

    = Scoring onslaught (launched by Netherlanders) Does in ( to bring about the defeat or destruction of ) Defending Champions (Spaniards who are defending the World and Europe Championship titles.)

    It also implies that it's far too early to tell how this crushing onslaught will finally turn out for Spain in defending its Championship, given that the Spaniards also lost their opening match to Switzerland in the group stage in South Africa four years ago.



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    Cookie 意思完整,但是像在寫對聯,字太多。


    do in = kill (slang) 用在球賽,翻譯成『痛宰』蠻常見的

    defending champions (冠軍)衛冕隊

    Scoring Onslaught Does In Defending Champions


    scoring onslaught = 猛烈得分 (但是中文『慘遭痛宰』就完全涵蓋得分情況,因此在標題不需翻譯出來)