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堤堚 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前




I was born in the simple city Tainan, and the family income comes mainly from goods made in my parent's small factory, which are later exported to other countries. Since there aren't a lot of people, my mom and dad usually invent new goods and promote them to foreign guests. My family often get information through various medias to understand the market needs and use them to develop their language skills, which includes many speeches of famous celebrities.

When I was young, my curiosity was particularly strong. I really like new things, but I have obstacles for expressing myself. However, my dad said: I had a curious personality since I was young so he often brought me with him, even though I do not understand! He also said: He wished to teach by giving examples instead of giving verbal directions, and change my introverted personality by listening to smooth and fluent expressions of speakers.

This habit lasted until I graduated from high school, and my dad often attended speeches that had to do with goods. He always told me: bringing me to speeches isn't only for improving my speaking skills, but to make me able to speak with his foreign guests so he can focus on product development.





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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    I was born at Tainan and my parents feed us by producing goods and selling them to foreign countries. They are responsible for invent and promote goods by themselves and learn the market potential demands from various channels.Also they take this advantage to practice language, including attending many speeches of famous persons.

    While I was young, I am deeply curious about everything. Nevertheless, I have difficulty expressing my thought. Based on my personality, my father always accompanies me and tells me how to communicate with others. He also takes me to the speeches to learn the communicating skill. The routine practice lasted for many years until I graduated from high school. My father often attends the speeches related to business.

    The purpose he takes me to the speech not only for practicing language but for communicating with foreign customers in business negotiation..

  • 7 年前