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Seeking a storage solution

Seeking a storage solution .

Recently, I come to TWN for business for next couple years.

Actually, my company send me to Taipei branch and tenant a apartment for me.

But, its so small.

I am used to surf and ride the bike. So I got 2 boards and 1 bike.

Oh my dear, I`ve never live in such a small space.

My place is kind of messed up by my stuff.

I can’t change a department.

So, I wonder how do you solve this problem.

In my country , there are many storage for lease.

Any suggestion or solution for me ?

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    Hello there, I can totally understand your trouble.

    In my case, I rent a mini storage in Neihu.

    Just like your situation ,I rent a small apartment.

    You can search “Taipei Ministorage”

    Or call 0800-588500

    This storage is a fine company.

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