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動畫Money of Soul and Possibility Control的


[C] Money of Soul and Possibility Control OST - C

找了很久都找不到Orz ,拜託各位大大QQ





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  • 6 年前

    不好意思 我只找到英文歌詞


    歌名: C

    演出者: Taku Iwasaki

    I'm like a radical mathmatical animal

    livin' in a concrete jungle just literal

    survival of the fittest, menace, innocent or criminal

    battle with me you'll slip bananas tropical

    we all pitiful egoistical animals

    pain is the vitamin and money is the mineral

    you need little bit more than a miracle

    to get yourself out of the valley up to the pinnacle

    I'll flip the odds like coins so official

    no Chinese walls in sight nothing artificial

    I'm like the credit to the card keep it essential

    every move every step just so beneficial

    be the cream of the crop leave you bankrupt

    I'll pull the dead mans trigger from the top when you fret

    never will I drop even when the poison pill's popped

    better listen up before your bonds get chopped

    credit triple A status killer bee

    I'm the letter C movin' mad currency

    too gymnastic on the street my balance sheet

    yet I strike like a white knight every single night

    M&A all the way no sorrow no pain

    battle with me I'll take fame and ya lame game

    Life is Chicago just Bulls and Bears

    ain't nothing fair get your index in the air

    I make it rain like scoll give me the lou

    advantage absolute you gotta salute

    calculate the chance of getting a crown jewel

    study my moves I miyagi, teach & school

    any enemy I pizza, slice

    my clock is paper financial time

    I totally mac while youza window guy

    I thing B.I.G. 'cause my limit's the sky

    so don't F my budget I know you can't top it

    a fast food nugget you just gotta love it

    bet on me no doubt I'm super you like a market

    my target treasury Carribean pirate

    got capital control and something to roll

    you still wrestling while I eat meat raw

    the difference between us is coffee yall

    your span is short while mine is tall

    get your Ds get your Gs

    get your Cheese get your Cs

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