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This one deserves a 'wow.'


On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the academic journal had retracted 60 “scholarly” papers after discovering a “peer review ring” that had rigged the vetting process designed to insure the value and integrity of published research.


1.) 請高手幫忙解說句子要義?

2.) had rigged the vetting process? 請特別說明?

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  • 6 年前

    had rigged the vetting process


    Usually peer review is assigned by the Journal's review board and author of the paper shall NOT know who reviews the paper. How can this professor rig the peer review?

    2014-07-13 02:49:55 補充:

    If this professor in Taiwan can do this, then everybody else can do the same thing. The entire publication in this Journal is questionable. To me, the review system itself is a problem.

    2014-07-13 03:26:18 補充:

    Master AP! As I know the review is assigned by the review board, and usually they are people who are known in the field, not a fake person. Unless the review process is done differently for this Journal. Otherwise, it is NOT that easy to rig.

    2014-07-13 03:28:37 補充:

    Kookie is 頗有感觸. As for me, I am very puzzled!

    2014-07-14 08:41:43 補充:

    Master Kookie!

    De nada!

    The sentence itself is very clear as you have stated (一句話將文章略要全講完了). I don't know what you want to explain. You mean:

    Why uses "vetting" and "rig" in the sentence?

    2014-07-14 13:13:49 補充:

    I would also like to present a fact:

    When a person got listed as one of the authors of a paper, the main purpose to claim the credit. Usually, such a credit will show up on one's own curriculum vitae.

    2014-07-14 13:17:58 補充:

    If the Minister of the MOE doesn't claim these papers in his resume, then it can prove that he has no knowledge for this incident. Nevertheless, the media simply ignore it, and concentrate on condemning and pressuring him.

    2014-07-14 13:19:26 補充:

    Of course, being the head of the education, he shall be more careful with this kind of situation, even though it is a common practice in Taiwan.

    2014-07-14 13:29:54 補充:

    Among Taiwan central government officials, there are so many PhDs, they shall know how papers are reviewed and published. Yet, everybody keeps silent and let media do what they want. This is really a sad story!

    2014-07-14 13:34:04 補充:

    Let's set aside how this minister has done on his post. At least, we shall find the truth and give him a fair treatment. Not just a "莫須有", or "皇帝要您死, … "

    2014-07-15 21:51:05 補充:

    Although without the confidence, per Kookie's request, let me try my best. If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me.

    To read a long and complicated sentence, you can start with the core of the sentence. In this example, you can simply read only:

    the academic journal had retracted 60 "scholarly" papers after discovering a "peer review ring" that had rigged the vetting process designed …

    I have used different color to indicate the subject, verb and phrase that serves as an adverb.

    As you can see, the sentence is complicated because of the phrase. It contains clause and participle phrase.

    However, in my opinion, a person shall NOT use these grammar terms to analyze the sentence, but try to get a feeling of the sentence to understand the context. After all, even though you have done as the analysis above , you might NOT be able to apply it to other situation if you still don't have a good idea about the context. I can do this because I understand the context, so I use a few grammar terms to point out the structure of the sentence (not because I am good at grammar).

    In sentence, it uses "had rigged" and "vetting process" is because:

    1. "had rigged" is to express an event that had happened in the past.

    2. using "vetting" in "vetting process" is to express the review process itself is an active process, and it uses an active voice.

    2014-07-15 21:56:43 補充:

    Originally, I thought your being touched is due to the event. Yet, according to #022, it turns out to be how people learn English. What a surprise!

    2014-07-15 21:59:18 補充:

    Life is matter of search and discovery. For those who are proficient in English, none of them will suggest to memorize vocabulary and study grammar. Yet, those who are starting to learn, memorization is the preferred method. Why?

    2014-07-15 22:03:48 補充:

    I guess it is the attitude. Not many people are willing to painstakingly learn it step by step. Instead, they would prefer to get the general idea and hopefully, they can thus have it.

    2014-07-15 22:06:16 補充:

    Nevertheless, the truth is they never actually get it, because what they learn is just like facial painting. At the moment, they get it memorized or studied, they think they have it.

    2014-07-15 22:08:08 補充:

    Yet, it is NOT like tattoos, facial painting is NOT permanent, after a while, it drops off here and there, eventually disappears completely. If a person can learn English like doing tattoo, I am sure he or she will keep it forever even remember the pain.

    2014-07-17 06:42:29 補充:

    每天花時間為英文板學子解說難題,沒有任何報酬 …

    Well, the truth is for each question I answer, I have learned more than what the asker has asked. For Chinese, we use "學問". It is a combination of "學" and "問". As for me, it is "學" and "答"

    2014-07-17 06:44:48 補充:

    On the other hand, I am just returning the favor that I had received at my younger ages. Without these people and opportunities, I won't be able to be where I am.

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  • Kookie
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    6 年前

    為這事 "發牢騷" 倒沒必要。



    Peer Review Ring - 親友團

    alias - 別名

    fabricated identity and fake email account - 假造身分帳號


    2014-07-14 00:55:48 補充:

    Hi, Master DaSaGwa:

    Would you be kind enough to give us a breakdown of the sentence structure and maybe elaborate a little bit more on the world of "rig" and "vetting."

    Be sure to put your best efforts on the answering section.

    Muchas gracias!

    2014-07-15 12:34:21 補充:




    2014-07-15 12:40:05 補充:

    So, Master DaSaGwa

    Would you do the honor and give us some instructions of

    1.) How to read a complex sentence?

    2.) The meaning of the words, "rig" and "vetting"?

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  • 匿名使用者
    6 年前




    had rigged the vetting process


    (有過 已經)曾經(做了手腳)操縱(審核程序)審批過程

    參考資料: 翻譯網站
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  • 6 年前





    2014-07-13 19:23:23 補充:

    You are not wrong, but it does not help if you put your stance in an arrogant way.

    Everyone knows that you are in a debate team.

    2014-07-16 02:20:50 補充:

    Kookie 大 真是很有風度~!

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  • 6 年前




    "5年前,有1位初學5級的大大 假造戶名,應用投票部隊"



    一人多戶,應用投票部隊 的理由合理化 以後 有神東東會做不出來呢?

    2014-07-13 02:51:50 補充:

    > How can this professor rig the peer review?

    Easy, just like "知識團" in YK+. You may gang up with 20 some professors to form a quid pro quo circle. And you will be amazed how those young ones are super eager to please!

    Melon is right not to participate in them from the very beginning...

    2014-07-13 06:57:14 補充:

    > Unless the review process is done differently for this Journal.

    > Otherwise, it is NOT that easy to rig.

    Naive melon? should I say! If the list of the reviewers is so secured, then no construction projects can have scandals no more.

    2014-07-13 07:05:14 補充:

    Dude, everyone can be bought, or blackmailed. Either $ or sex, one of them will definitely work. Even an innocent sexual encounter you had with your neighbor 70 years ago may come back to haunt you once you become important enough.

    2014-07-13 07:05:57 補充:

    Stay insignificant, my melon.

    Or - Have I watched too many movies?

    2014-07-14 02:56:30 補充:

    > Everyone knows that you are in a debate team.

    If I were, I would have gone to Wake Forest.

    2014-07-14 02:59:59 補充:

    > if you put your stance in an arrogant way.

    How so? where did I overwhelm anyone with arrogance of mine?

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