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匿名使用者 發問時間: 教育與參考出國留學 · 6 年前

K-1or K-3 or I-130 orCR1 help!

Dear All

我是一個臺灣公民, 近日和我台裔美籍(雙國籍)的老婆結婚了 (傳統儀式結婚,尚未注冊公證)

最近爬文 但還是非常的confusing....

Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiancé(e) (K-1)

Nonimmigrant Visa for spouse (K-3)

I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

Immigrant visa for a Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (IR1 or CR1)


如何在最短的時間內 拿到USA citizenship ?

1.) should i ask my wife to file a petition for K1 fiancé visa, and then we both paying a visit to Vegas for the marriage certificate? so that I can file a petition for my green card, ultimately adjusting the status as a citizen when the time comes? - how long does it take usually?

2.) or should I ask my wife to file a CR1 when she returns to the US? (based on a Taiwan-issued marriage certificate in English translation version & hving it verified by AIT..etc)

helps are needed.... so confused right now :/

all helps here are much appreciated!

Warm Regards


Dear Gary

thanks for the detail!

couple more things..

1.) 戶籍謄本 = household registration?

2.) 是否需要到AIT申請老婆單身證明 ,然后用老婆美國的身份填household registration ?

3.) 我看了一下I-130 form, 上頭有寫spouse...問題是 我該怎么成為美國法律上認可的spouse

4.) 我是不是可以在臺灣和老婆的美國身份結婚,然后給AIT認證, 之后就可以file I-130 petition呢?

thank you!!!

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Dear Gary

thanks for the answers.


我老婆在臺灣的姓 和 在 美國的姓 不同 (她是小時候依親的方式投靠US relatives....)

這么一來,我應該和她那一個身份辦理臺灣的household registration...?

key point is... both of my wife's passport share the same given name , but not the Last name...

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    In answering your question - the shortest time is always the most simple one (as well as the official one). In many instances, people are delayed or gotten into troubles because of their own stupidities.

    1. No - it will take even longer. This route can take up to 2 years.

    2. No - you get the right idea but wrong method.

    Simply do the following:

    a. Be officially married through registration.

    b. Once the Household Registration has been updated, get a English version and prepare for I-130.

    Your household registration is an all-in-1 document for everything.

    c. File I-130 as soon as possible (When the petition is filed, the sponsor does not need to be in the U.S.)

    And wait.

    By the way, simply forget K-3 and IR1.

    IR1 is for immigrants who have married with their spouse longer than 2 years (no conditional residence will be imposed).

    K-3 is practically an obstacle visa.

    2014-07-22 18:27:25 補充:

    1. Yes.

    2. No.

    3. As soon as the registration has include the information about marriage.

    4. Yes, but skip the step about AIT.

    2014-07-22 18:27:56 補充:

    1. Yes.

    2. No.

    3. As soon as the registration has include the information about marriage.

    4. Yes, but skip the step about AIT.

    2014-07-25 15:37:32 補充:

    The last name can't be change as you want. So she or her family must have some document to trace back the change.

    Let's say she was adopted by the relative and used the relative's last name. Then the adoption document will be the best proof.

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