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The Troubled Rabbits

Within the memory of the youngest child there was a family of rabbits who lived near a pack of wolves. The wolves announced that they did not like the way the rabbits were living. (The wolves were crazy about the way they themselves were living, because it was the only way to live.) One night several wolves were killed in an earthquake and this was blamed on the rabbits, for it is well known that rabbits pound on the ground with their hind legs and cause earthquakes. On another night one of the wolves was killed by a bolt of lightning and this was also blamed on the rabbits, for it is well known that lettuce-eaters cause lightning. The wolves threatened to civilize the rabbits if they didn't behave, and the rabbits decided to run away to a desert island. But the other animals, who lived at a great distance, shamed them saying, "You must stay where you are and be brave. This is no world for escapists. If the wolves attack you, we will come to your aid in all probability." So the rabbits continued to live near the wolves and one day there was a terrible flood which drowned a great many wolves. This was blamed on the rabbits, for it is well known that carrot-nibblers with long ears cause floods. The wolves descended on the rabbits, for their own good, and imprisoned them in a dark cave, for their own protection.

When nothing was heard about the rabbits for some weeks, the other animals demanded to know what had happened to them. The wolves replied that the rabbits had been eaten and since they had been eaten the affair was a purely internal matter. But the other animals warned that they might possibly unite against the wolves unless some reason was given for the destruction of the rabbits. So the wolves gave them one. "They were trying to escape," said the wolves, "and, as you know, this is no world for escapists."

Moral: Run, don't walk, to the nearest desert island.

By James Thurber, first published in The New Yorker on August 26, 1939.


也許有人直接聯想到美中台的國際情勢。文中的 rabbits 指生活在納粹德國的猶太人。

這篇文章最另我感到興味的是,Wolves 如何用動物聯盟的主張成為併吞Rabbits的藉口,而讓動物聯盟無可反駁。 以現代中文來說,就是 "用某人的話堵某人的嘴",也可說是 "以子之矛,攻子之盾。"


1.) "用某人的話堵某人的嘴" 或 "以子之矛,攻子之盾。" 英文可以如何表達?

2.) 寓言的Moral,如要改寫,請教各位高手會如何付予新意?

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  • Beth
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    6 年前

    剛好看到網路上一個句子: Finally the other animals are defeated with their own arms. 我猜想是你說的意思: 用某人的話堵某人的嘴.

    2014-07-24 07:29:07 補充:

    1.) "用某人的話堵某人的嘴" 或 "以子之矛,攻子之盾。" 英文可以如何表達?

    動作 + someone + with/by + his own + something


    refute A with A's own words/argument/statement


    They refuted Premier Jiang with his own theory.

    They made a lot of fun with President Ma with his own words.


    Go with your first thought. 相信你的第一個想法.

    The truth is: you are guilty for being a rabbit and nothing else.

    真相是: 你最大的錯誤是生而為一隻兔子.

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  • Kookie
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    6 年前

    How about "rub someone's own words in someone's face," is it acceptable in such occasion?

    The wolves rubbed animals own words in their faces by saying that, "they were trying to escape and, as you know, this is no world for escapists."

    2014-07-26 01:56:56 補充:

    As for the Moral, my take:

    Never better sorry than safe, and knowing that promises are meant to be broken before staking all you have.

    2014-07-29 01:46:54 補充:

    可以感受 Gary Larson "The Far Side" 漫畫延續著James Thurber的腳步,可惜已經停筆。

    多年後,Watership Down 的兔子們也許受了啟發,才免於坐以待斃的命運。

    James Thurber 另有一本寓言故事集,Further Fables for Our Time (1956),寓意更深,文筆更為生動,現可免費閱讀


    2014-07-29 01:57:49 補充:

    YK 真的狀況不輕,可以發表意見,不能選最佳解答,也不能延長。我實在沒時間窮磨菇,如果不幸進入投票,只好先說聲 "對唔住"

  • 6 年前

    How about:

    Pay a man back with his own coin.