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    1. everything is open for discussion.

    2. Very little has changed in the past week. However, someone recently recruited my elder brother (Bob) to be sales of health supplements. That is fundamentally direct marketing so he started to push his products on me and signed me up for promotional lectures. I agreed and attend the meeting once to make sense out of the company and how they operate. As matter of fact, it was better than I thought, for some in TW are against direct marketing. I have been recruited for similar jobs a few times. But I turned them all down for the reason that their products were not as genuine as I thought they should be. But it is different this time. Bob asserted that their products have been ranked number 1 in US health supplements. He also showed me many informative documents. He wants me not only as a customer but also a sub-line agent to him. I might have not seriously considered this profession but, this time, I am enticed. I think I would jump in, if his products are genuine and effective. I do not dislike direct marketing - I just have not found one with reliable products. I think I will start it as a part time job. In the last meeting, I met a few people in the company. They all earned their fortunes and work hour flexibility. That was what I am looking forward to. Most of them have been on this job for more than 5 years which might be longer than I hope for. But heck, might it be worthwhile.

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