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First Moon Party


每個成長的女性每個月都有專屬的 lady's day,而不論中西方,對於此一生理現象都採取避而不談的態度。Periods don't have glitters in them.

女性生理用品廣告,不是宣導 "Love Yourself",要不就像尿布廣告強調流體力學,超分子吸收材質。最近有個電視廣告,在美國引起廣大迴響 "first moon party"


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影片結束前出現的 tagline: "The Gift Before the Gift" 該如何解釋



lady's days 應該用複數

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  • Beth
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    7 年前

    The Gift Before the Gift.

    The first gift is actually the product HELLOFLO [PERIOD STARTER KIT] they are advertising.

    The second gift simply means the period. (Having a period is the gift which God gives to you. )

    They want you to buy HELLOFLO as gifts to girls whose period has not come yet.

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    I agree. Having got the official reply from Yahoo customer service like my previous post, I find there is lieterally no reason to self-delete answers on this platform any more, even when you consider someone else has posted a better anwer.

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    So, you might as well think the button "I want to answer" as "I want to type something at will", or "I like to exercise my fingers". Thanks Kookie for sharing the articles or video clips with us from time to time.

  • Kookie
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    7 年前

    There will be no pre-determined and exclusive answer to the question I am asking. The question I am asking is open for discussion, no fixed mindset, nor predominated principles. Please don't discard your answer unless it's relating to verbal attacks.

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    You may make amendments to your preliminary thinking and we may find something new that really blows everyone's mind.

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    "Discard" is not a good word choice in my opinion #5 and contradictory to the point I want to stress.

    "Remove" and "delete" is precisely the word I want to use.

  • 7 年前

    Master Beth! I like your version of interpretation better, so I remove mine in support of yours.

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    I think yours is better, because you relate the ad with "period". Mine has ignored this correlation.

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    If this sentence doesn't come with the video, then yes, its meaning is everybody's guess. Nevertheless, it does have the video, so master Beth's interpretation is more precise and better.

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    My answer treated the first "gift" as "talent" and the second one as "present". Hence, my take was, her talent to fake the period ended up to receive a present from her mother who went along with her performance (even though she knew the fact).