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吻別` kiss me goodbye 及

麻雀變鳳凰 pretty women 的英文歌詞

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  • 6 年前

    Kiss Me Goodbye - Petula Clark

    We choose it, win or lose it

    Love is never quite the same

    I love you, now I've lost you

    Don't feel bad, you're not to blame

    *So kiss me goodbye and I'll try not to cry

    All the tears in the world won't change your mind

    There's someone new and she's waiting for you

    Soon your heart will be leaving me behind

    Linger awhile, then I'll go with a smile

    Like a friend who just happened to call

    For the last time pretend your are mine

    My darling, kiss me goodbye

    I know now I must go now

    Though my heart wants me to stay

    That girl is your tomorrow

    I belong to yesterday(*)


    Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

    Pretty woman, walking down the street

    Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet

    Pretty woman, I don't believe you it must be true

    No one could look as good as you( Mercy! )

    Pretty woman, won't you pardon me

    Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see

    Pretty woman, Oh you look lovely as you could be

    Are you lonely just like me

    Pretty woman, stop a while

    Pretty woman, talk a while

    Pretty woman, give your smile to me

    Pretty woman, yeah yeah yeah

    Pretty woman, look my way

    Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me

    Cause I need you, need you tonight

    Pretty woman, don't walk on by

    Pretty woman, don't make me cry

    Pretty woman, don't walk away, yeah, ok

    If that's the way it must be, ok

    I guess I'll go home

    It's late, maybe tomorrow night

    But wait.. what do I see

    She's walking back to me


    Wow! Pretty woman


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    更正 "Oh, Pretty Woman" 第3段最後1行歌詞:


    Cause I need you, need you tonight


    Cuz I need you

    I'll treat you right

    Come with me baby be mine tonight

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    Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman with Lyrics

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