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    I like your videos and watch them over and over again. I am so used to receiving them from you every day.

    A message from my teacher just arrived - I could be very busy immediately after school starts. The school work and the culinary contests, in addition to my regular job, will take most of the time of mine. I wonder if I will be the most hectic when you visit. If so, probably I should save the money and visit you later next year. What do you think? I almost cannot wait any longer.

    Finally, thanks for your encouragement. Even with my grammatical errors, you chat with me with patience. Communication with you is easy and informative. I did learn a lot.

    I am so looking forward to visiting you next you and enjoying your mother's cuisines. Her food looked delicious.

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  • 6 年前

    I like your videos and often sent me to see over and over again, it has been accustomed to have received your videos every day.

    I have just received our teacher's message, I think I will be busy with school after school things and continue to participate in the cooking contest, I'm afraid your time is what I came to Taiwan busiest time, but I also work, if indeed so, so I put the money saved next year ahead of the past to find you, and then entertain me, how do you think this kind of project? I've been forced not expect ~

    Finally, thank you for giving me a lot of confidence, even though I often use incorrect grammar, but you can have the patience to chat with me and encouraged me to talk to you, I feel very relaxed no pressure, but also feel my English is improving. .. I am very happy to meet you, thank you ...

    I hope next year I have to find you, can try your mother's craft, she did something that looks delicious


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