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小馬 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前




3.收到商品編號: 121421666的物品,但是為何使用塑膠袋包裝?而不是使用紙箱包裝的?之前購買過靴子也都是使用紙箱運送讓人感到滿意,且商品保持完整狀態,這次收到鞋盒時在運送過程中撞壞到變形,鞋盒也算是商品的一部份吧,我很在意這次收貨的狀況,這樣讓我心情很糟也不是很滿意,我相信你們服務一向很周到,但請問你們日後還會這樣處理包裹嗎嗎?


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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    I wonder why you fold the hat into the carton. While I received it, the shape of the hat has been twisted and it can’t go back to the normal shape. I am not satisfied with your packing. I still haven’t received the goods since 5 months ago. I check out the local post office and there is no any package from Britain for me. Should I get my money back? It definitely makes me annoying. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

    I have received item 121421666 but why does it be packed with plastic package, not carton? I bought boots with carton from you. I am satisfied with this kind of package and it keeps the goods a good shape. This time the shoes box has been damaged. I feel uncomfortable. With my truly trust, I hope you can improve this matter. There is a discrepancy about the boots. The glue leakage is shown on the surface or the rim of the boots. The attached photos are attached for your reference. I have to return the goods to you.

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  • 6 年前

    1. I want to know you ship hat this item of commodity time, after can fold and other lists slightly puts in the paper box together? When because I received the time hat already was crush the distortion the condition, but the hat one the distortion was very difficult to model the shape to return to the initial appearance, you packed when could such do? Like this receives the commodity to let me feel is not very satisfied.

    2. because already surpassed for 5 months not to receive the commodity, also had inquired my locality post office also replied me not to say any the package which mailed about England, whether or not asked you to refund for me, like this let me feel was very anxious and is annoyed, thanked extremely.

    3. receives the commodity serial number: 121421666 goods, but why uses models the plastic bag packing? But uses the paper box packing? Before has purchased the boots also all is uses the paper box to ship lets the human be satisfied, also the commodity maintains the working order, this time receives when the shoe box in ships in the process to collide and damage the distortion, the shoe box also is a commodity part, I very much care about the condition which this time receives goods, like this lets my mood very be bad is not very satisfied, I believed you serve always are very thorough, but ask you also will be able to process like this in the future wrap?

    4. this times receives the boots to have many place slight defect, has very many parts to mount the rubber all to seep in the surface perhaps the edge, the picture is attached to links on, I felt is extremely unsatisfied, I thought the advance speed returned goods, thank you extremely.

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  • 6 年前





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  • 6 年前

    已經超過5個月以上沒收到商品了 還在等喔???

    psst,我有一座 布魯克林 大橋可以便宜賣給你耶!

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