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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

get 是 linking verb ?及物動詞?

get 在下列句子是做為 linking verb 或是 及物動詞?

You can do what you like to do and get paid for it.(某位版主的發問之一。)

1.本句 get 是 linking verb? 過去分詞 paid 是 主詞補語 用來修飾主詞 you ?

2.本句 get 做為 "獲得" 翻譯時,是否為及物動詞?



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  • 6 年前

    The easiest way to judge whether a verb is a "linking verb" is by replacing this verb with BE-verb. If the meaning of the sentence doesn't change, then it is a linking verb, for example:

    It tastes good. ("taste" is a linking verb)

    He tastes the cake. (taste" is NOT a linking verb, because he is NOT the cake)

    1.本句 get 是 linking verb? 過去分詞 paid 是 主詞補語 用來修飾主詞 you ?


    2.本句 get 做為 "獲得" 翻譯時,是否為及物動詞?

    NO! A better to explain is: "get" doesn't mean "獲得", but mean "被…". It is an intransitive (不及物動詞).

    2014-09-06 22:19:32 補充:

    but mean ==> but means

    2014-09-06 22:24:23 補充:

    A better to ... ==> A better way to ...

    2014-09-06 22:35:26 補充:

    By the way, "paid" is not a passive voice (被動語態) and doesn't mean "被支付". It is an adjective and means "有薪金的".

    2014-09-06 22:39:14 補充:

    This kind of use is similar to

    They get acquainted with each other in a dancing party. (This is NOT a passive voice)

    2014-09-07 07:35:10 補充:

    After all, getting to know each other is an active action, not a passive one. Again, "acquainted" is a past participle used as an adjective.

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  • 羅莉
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    6 年前


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  • Louis
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    6 年前

    「主詞補語」是彌補述部的語意不足,與「主詞」有關。當主詞補語為「及物動詞」的過去分詞時,主詞是這個過去分詞在邏輯上的受詞。所以you是paid在邏輯上的受詞:Someone has paid you money.


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