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Citron 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

pro-forma reports要怎麼翻成中文較恰當?

請問pro-forma reports要怎麼翻成中文較恰當?

1. 制式報告

2. 非正式報告

3. 形式報告

P.S. 這裡指的是檢驗船舶後的報告。


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  • 6 年前

    "pro forma" is a Latin term meaning "for the sake of form."

    Pro forma financial statements could be designed to reflect a proposed change (such as a merger or acquisition), or to emphasize certain figures when a company issues an earnings announcement to the public.

    However, when reading a company's pro-forma financial statements, as the figures may not comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). In some cases, the pro-forma figures may differ greatly from the those derived from GAAP.

    With the above saying, I would suggest to use "2. 非正式報告", in the point of view of GAAP. I don't know whether there is a report formate related to "vessel inspection". Hence, I use accounting practice as an example for using the term "pro-forma".

    2014-09-07 23:45:40 補充:

    formate ==> format

    2014-09-07 23:46:19 補充:

    when reading a company's pro-forma financial statements

    ==> when reading a company's pro-forma financial statements, one needs to be careful,

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  • Beth
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    以前我公司有個外國人交過我這個字, 如果看到proforma 開頭的字, 意思就是格式已經預先設定好了. 希望有幫助.

    2014-09-08 01:04:31 補充:


    2014-09-08 01:09:12 補充:

    有可能你報告裡需要填的東西, 不是你想放什麼項目就放, 像Louis提的projected data, management's assumptions and overall macroeconomic trends很可能就是這個proforma要你填的.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    pro forma invoice不同於commercial invoice,前者是出貨前製作的(通常供銀行製作信用狀的依據),與後者內容大致相同,但標題不同,功能也不同。後者公司會計才能用來當成作帳或支付價款的依據(表示交易已完成)。

    pro forma = as a matter of form

    2014-09-07 23:18:18 補充:

    pro forma report大概是一種「公司的財務預報表」



    2014-09-07 23:21:30 補充:

    A pro forma report is a financial summary that draws on projected data, management's assumptions and overall macroeconomic trends -- such as gross domestic product, consumer price index and sector growth.


    2014-09-07 23:24:29 補充:

    有關pro forma report定義的資料連結如下:

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  • 6 年前


    2014-09-08 02:08:41 補充:

    Pro-forma不但不應該翻成"非正式"報告 反而"正式"報告還比較正確

    pro-forma由於格式的限制 沒有辦法去適應公司的多樣化 所以所顯示的資料都很死 也很無趣 可是都是 都是法律規定"正式"文件

    這就像 用護照上 的資料 來自我介紹 一樣 無趣 但是都是 正式的規格資料

    2014-09-08 04:36:00 補充:

    一般來說,pro-forma報告 可以說是:不想知道的都有,想知道的都沒有的 官樣報告

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  • 6 年前



    2014-09-08 07:40:23 補充:

    American Princess:

    Thank you for the vivid description in Chinese: 「不想知道的都有,想知道的都沒有的」。That makes it even clearer.

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  • 6 年前



    │ .✪‿✪ │

    ╰/) ⋈ (\\╯

    pro-forma invoice 是譯作「形式發票」。


    至於第二個選項,如果你想強調與 formal report (正式報告) 或 official report (官方報告) 不同,你也可以考慮使用。

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