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Borrow and Lend, how to diff.

Borrow and Lend, how to differentiate the both.

The both meanings were from Oxford Dictionaries.

Borrow (v.) - to take and use something that belongs to somebody else, and return it to them at a later time.

Ex. Can I borrow your umbrella?

Lend(v.) - to give something to somebody or allow them to use something that belongs to you, which they have to return to you later

Ex. Can you lend me your car this evening?

這兩者不同是不是在於前者為我向誰借, 而後者是表示誰可以借給我.



請教: 我在外面看到你們張貼的徵人訊息. 如何翻英文.. 徵人訊息可用(Hiring notice)嗎?

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這樣可以嗎?I saw the hiring notice on the outside wall, is there any vacancies still for available?

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THANK YOU! Master 'DSG', your answer is very detailed to me to understand.

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    Even with English definition, sometimes they are still confusing. Let me use a different way to explain their difference:

    Lend : something is given to another person.

    Borrow : something is taken from another person.

    AP borrows $10 from me.

    =I lend $10 to AP.

    She lends her Bentley to me.

    =I borrow her Bentley from her.

    From the above, you can see why the definition you have, using "belongs to somebody else" and "belongs to you", is not very clear. The first example, I have $10, but I use "lend"; the second example, she has Bentley, yet I employ "borrow".


    I see the employment notice that you have posted outside.

    徵人訊息可用(Hiring notice)嗎

    Yes, you can.

    2014-09-19 11:42:09 補充:

    By the way, you can also say:

    I lend $10 to AP. = I lend AP $10.

    I borrow her Bentley from her. = I borrow her Bentley.

    I mention the above is to let you know more about "give to" and "take from", corresponding to "lend" and "borrow"

    2014-09-19 11:47:44 補充:

    One last thing, even though, sometimes, people encounter items are not returned to their rightful owner in the action of "borrow" and "lend". Basically, the deed of "borrow" and "lend" shall deem to be "temporary".

    2014-09-19 11:48:54 補充:

    I brought up "temporary" is because "give to" or "take from" can be permanent.

    2014-09-19 14:28:49 補充:

    我認為 "borrow" 和 "lend" 的問題在於中文只有 "借",但英語卻有 "borrow" 和 "lend". 我們可以使用"借", "借來" 或 "借給" 來區分, 但它並沒有解決問題, 例如:

    AP borrows $10 from me. (借)

    I borrow her Bentley. (借來)

    I lend AP $10 (借給)

    She lends me her bentley (借)

    2014-09-19 14:34:05 補充:

    在第一和第四句用 “borrow” 或 “lend”,但其中文意思是一樣的, 這正是困惑的原因. 這就是為什麼我使用 "give to" 和 "take from" 來解釋 "lend" 和 "borrow" 之間的差異.

    2014-09-19 14:43:22 補充:

    這個問題說明了英語和中文之間的基本區別. 我們不能用中文的思維來解釋英語的思維.

    2014-09-19 14:59:49 補充:

    英語有一定的思維是和中文是不一樣的, 例如

    冠詞 (article), 時態(tense), 句子結構, 代名詞 (pronoun), ...等等.

    我們不能指望英語和中文的對等關係. 也就是說我們不能完全使用我們的中文思維來解釋英語用法. 所以學習英語的最好方法還是用英語思考吧!

    2014-09-19 21:36:06 補充:

    Master DarkHelmet!

    I am NOT so sure what you mean by "ergative". Do you mean I need to write the sentence as:

    ... "lend" shall deem to be ... ==> .... "lend" is deemed to be

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  • 6 年前

    can I borrow your pen? 口語比較常用


    = can you lend me your pan?


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  • 6 年前

    Is "deem" an ergative verb?

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  • Louis
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    6 年前

    Can I borrow five dollars from you? = Can you lend me five dollars?


    borrow = 借

    lend = 貸

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