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英文重組句 急

1 in the prehistoric village tell how made fires people please me

2 how old can his father tell he is us

3 wants to if grover is a thumbtack know metal made of

4 where you know toshio do lived

5 why didn't betty lou ioscar invite to her party wonder

6 you would like to go tell where in a time machine me

7 he me where found i the cookie asked



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  • 7 年前

    Rearrangement of English words into a sentence:-

    (urgent !)

    (1)Please tell me how people in the prehistoric village made fire.

    (2)His father can tell us how old he is.

    (3)Grover wants to know if a thumbtack is made of metal.

    (4)Do you know where Toshio lived ?

    (5)I wonder why Betty didn't invite you to her party.

    (6)Tell me where you would like to go in a time machine.

    (7)He asked me where I found the cookie.

    2014-09-19 18:05:59 補充:

    Propose an Amendment:-

    In(2)Can he tell us how old his father is?

    In(3)Grover (a surname)

    In(5)(I) wonder why didn't Betty(Lou)invite (Oscar)to her party.(I)(Oscar)as 2 words.Capital (Lou)one word--Typo.Error

    In(6)Not--go in.Or in---go.But the movie"Time Machine"

    In(7)no need "did"