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dealer distributor agent 差別?

dealer distributor agent 差別 ? 稿不懂差異~tks............................................

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  • Louis
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    agent是「代理商」,本身不從事生產,只做「銷售」或「服務」。如果是「複式代理」,就會授權給多個agents,依產品或地區來畫分(如日產委託的裕隆生產的小汔車,就是採分地區給不同的經銷商這種方式),如果稱為sole agent,則是獨家代理,是某項產品在某一地區的唯一進口商或出口商(如福斯汔車交給太古集團當台灣的獨家進口代理)。以往國貿局也配合這種制度,只發「進口許可證」給代理商。現在政府己不介入來維持這種交易關係。所以你就看到「平行輸入」這個用語。


    distributor是與manufacturer相對的,所以sole agent有時也自稱是某家產品在台灣的sole distributor。此外,dealer也是一個distributor,因為也在做貨品分銷的工作。純服務業就用不到distributor這個字了。

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    typo: 汽車

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  • In the wholesale trade...like I used to sell tools

    distributor > dealer > agent

    distributor (sell to consumer customers, resellers )

    dealer (sell directly to consumer customer )

    agent ( mostly manufacturer rep. or middle man or very small ones )

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    When you ask this question, people immediately turn their focus on business related one. However, the truth is these 3 words might NOT related to each other at all, for example:

    "distributor" can be part of engine, in Chinese, it is called "配電盤"

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    "dealer" can be used to describe a person, like "a plain dealer" (質樸的人)

    "agent" can be used as herbicides, like "agent orange" (枯葉劑, American used it in Vietnam war)

    Fro the above examples, you can see, they are necessary related to each other.

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    they are necessary related to each other.

    ==>they are NOT necessary related to each other.