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Likeny 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

英文單字 - (碎片) 定義及用法的問題


cullet , fragement , debris 都有碎片的意思



broken or refuse glass usually added to new material to facilitate melting in making glass


a part broken off, detached, or incomplete


1: the remains of something broken down or destroyed

2: an accumulation of fragments of rock

3: something discarded



我多數使用 fragement 這字





Dual 與 Double 用法是都一樣嘛?

假設 雙週, 雙人, 雙薪 之類的 會怎麼用?

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    "debris" should be used, otherwise you need to say "broken fragments ( but it is usually talking bout the original finish product got destoryed and it is now in broken fragments.").

    However, you are talking bout machining process of making glass or related material, therefore, it is the remaining broken pieces from the process, therefore, just use "debris".

    Cullets are used to describe those crushed glass as fragments to make recycle glass.

    Dual vs Double

    They are different

    Dual = two parts of something either identical or different, such as dual connector USB ( a USB connecting component comes with two different types of USB connector )

    Double = anything that is multiplied by 2 means double, usually they are identical, like double cheese burger ( a burger comes with 2 pieces of cheese or 2 pieces of meat patties, depending on how you define the unit of double )

    雙週 bi-weekly

    雙人 two players or two people or in some games, you say, dual player game or double player game. it depends.

    雙薪 Double Pay/Salary or Double Time Pay ( but you need to put it in a sentence in Chinese, coz it might be expressed different in English with different meanings )

    2014-10-02 21:01:30 補充:

    "debris" is usually used to describe remaining parts of something that is useless to most people.

    2014-10-03 05:03:58 補充:

    huh, they are all caused by external forces....she is talking bout useless remains after the glass making process. Just use a general term debris would be fine.

    2014-10-03 05:12:33 補充:

    Also, cullet might also have debris during the machining process. And in machining process, it is always talking bout the debris level, the deleterious part of the material....

    2014-10-03 06:14:42 補充:

    Destroy means to break the original shape and that is not the point. The point is if it is generated randomly and the shape. Cullet is talking bout intentionally cut-off, usually in uniform sizes. Based on her context clues, cullet is not the suitable word.

    2014-10-03 06:20:30 補充:

    In daily English, you can use either words. But when it comes to technical writing, esp. you are talking bout the machining process, do not use the word that will confuse your reader, unless you are intentionally to talk about the reusable purpose of those remains afterwards.

    2014-10-03 06:28:07 補充:


    (if you are talking bout the remains after the process that will be discarded)

    During machining process, it might cause broken fragments ( as debris).

    2014-10-03 06:28:35 補充:

    (if you are talking bout the glass will be broken and considered damaged)

    During machining process, it might cause broken pieces in fragments.

    2014-10-03 06:30:04 補充:

    (if you are talking bout the remains after the process that will be discarded)

    During machining process, some debris will remain.

    2014-10-03 06:31:04 補充:

    i just re-read her question. The key point is not about which word to use, the key point is how she gonna write it in English. I added it in my answer.

    2014-10-03 06:34:27 補充:

    (if you are talking about the remains after the process that will be either discarded or "reused" and might be almost in the same shapes.)

    During machining process, it might generate some cullets. <-- this sounds very odd to me.

    2014-10-03 06:41:19 補充:

    During machining process, it might generate some cullets. I would not use this cause this will confuse reader that your factory might intentionally create it as byproduct for other purposes. Remember, it is related to glass processing.

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  • Likeny
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    6 年前

    Thank you guys to discuss here. It's really helpful to figure out the difference

    But, here's one thing that nearly perfect answer.

    I'm male! lolll

    Thx again : )

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  • 6 年前

    Disagree - debris implies something destroyed by external forces so it should not be used in your case. Cullet is the best, then fragment.

    2014-10-03 06:02:21 補充:

    Nope, the cullet is not "destroyed". It may be intentionally "removed" during the manufacturing process. Cut-off and burn-ends are examples.

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