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What’s “blue running”?

Does anybody know the meaning of “blue running”?

This phase is cited from the paragraph below:

Christian Dior's entry and Puma Company's endeavor to combine sports with lifestyle and focus on creating first-rate niche brands based on cricket, soccer, dancing, golf, fashion, yoga and blue running, represent the market trend.

No need to translate the whole paragraph for me. What I need is:

1.A brief concept of “blue running”? (I guess it’s a type of sports)

2.It’s translation in Chinese.

Thank you very much.

Citron, a sport dummy

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    在他們的說明裡,把休閒用的慢跑鞋訂為White running, 都市裡使用的就稱作Blue running, 再把complete留給所謂「專業」者使用的,當作該產品的名稱。號稱在重量、避震、耐磨的功用上各有不同的設計及材質以適應挑惕跑者的要求。

    參考資料: Puma web site
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    I think it's like jogging which takes place in urban areas .

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    White running : 休閒慢跑

    FYI, I suck at sports actually .