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Social studies project

Create a pamphlet about join the France revolution and tell me the main reasons they should join the France revolution and new rights they will get if the revolution is successful. QUICK!!!!!!!20 POINTS REWARD

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    A pamphlet about joining the French Revolution (1789)

    (1)Main Reasons for joining:-

    Join in to see a turning point in French History to see a complex, upheaval, history !

    Join in the Summoning of the States General (1789)

    See how National Assembly responded to your public pressure

    Join then the storming of the Bastille (14 July 1789). Join for wide-sweeping Political, Social, and Economic measures (1789--91),

    Join in the Abolition of Feudal,Aristocratic, and Clerical Privileges;(we are clerical)

    Join try to receive a Declaration of the Rights of Man.

    (2)New Rights (The Declaration) You All Will Get:-

    Try getting the political, social, and other advantages

    You will have a just claim, morally or legally.

    You'll have the universal suffrage leading the fight for women's rights

    You'll have a prisoners' rights campaign.

    If Revolution be successful, you'll see Events of the French Revolution,1789--1799.Hence:-

    Royal family removed;

    Legislative Assembly elected;

    A republic declared,(1792)

    A political extremism;

    Committee of Public Safety(July 1793)

    Dictatorship of the Terror

    The Convention;the Directory,

    to be overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte in Brumaire coup(1799)

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    i think this person is asking people to write an essay or response to his topic not translation...........

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    > QUICK!!!!!!!20 POINTS REWARD

    Very generous indeed!