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Tkimik 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前


雖然UHD的power consumption比FHD高一點,但只有不到0.3W的差距不管有沒有enable PSR,0.3W是不會讓batterl life從289分鐘降到189分鐘,這代表系統的total power consumption從差不多從11W升到15.6W,看來不只panel 0,3W的差異,請盡快找到root cause,感謝

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    In spite of the fact that UHD power conumption is higher than FHD, there is only a 0.3W gap difference either with or without PSR enabled. 0.3W would not shorten battery life from 289 mins to 189 mins. It represents that total power consumption increased from 11W to 15.6W. It looks to me there are more issues than panel 0.3W gap difference. Please find out the root cause asap, thank you.

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    change "conumption" to "consumption

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  • 6 年前

    Although the power consumption of UHD is a little higher than FHD, less than 0.3W gap with or without enable PSR, 0.3W batterl life is not going to let down from 289

    minutes 189 minutes, total power consumption from the system it represents almost

    from 11W rose to 15.6W, it seems only difference panel 0,3W, please find the root

    cause as soon as possible, thanks

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