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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

My collection演說稿(3分鐘)

My collection演說稿(3分鐘)


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  • 6 年前

    I have many collections of things and concepts, but among them, the most special to me is the collection of spirits. I do not mean that I like to consume any of them but I do like to gently handle them to feel their sizes and shapes.

    I traveled a lot across the globe so I do have them from all over the world. The oldest one is that from an old woman from Africa, older than 800 years of age. I acquired it in Dubai from a mystic dealer who wouldn't reveal her identify. I tracked her down for three weeks and finally captured her and tortured her for three more days for her to give in. The wage was heavy and I needed to trade in my warty toad and my pink pony, in addition to my precious two dollar and thirteen cent US bill.

    But, ladies and gentlemen, it is worth every single penny of it. It brought me traveling though the layers and layers of the Universe and moments and moments of time fragments.

    Right now, it is well secured in my basement cellar. Last week, even Barack asked if he can take a sip of it. Dude, no way, not even take a look at it.

    2014-10-14 10:14:27 補充:

    Bhwa ha ha ha, unfortunately, cows do not have souls, holy or otherwise.

    Or I will put them into my spirit collection as well. Hahahaha!

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  • Holy Cow....LOL

    2014-10-14 15:49:52 補充:

    . . . depends on your belief system . . .anyhoo...have a good night

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