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we need to upgrade our network bandwidth (the price decreases form NTD1,875 to NTD999 as the CHT promotion)



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    Due to/As the result of CHT promotion, business network bandwidth is upgraded ( in our company ) but the price goes down instead. ( The price is decreased by NTD$876 )

    *Business mostly use business network instead of residential one, therefore, just call it business network bandwidth.

    *You do not have to translate word by word from Chinese to English. By logic, if something is upgraded, it means higher price. Therefore, just use "but" and "instead".

    *Your translation is different from what you meant in Chinese.

    In Chinese, you did not specify that your company need to upgrade the network bandwidth.

    Your English Translation,

    **you have word order and logic issue in your translation

    There is always not a "need" when there is a promotion. You upgrade something as a result of certain promotion, that is not a need but an opportunity. If you have said "We need to lower down/reduce our network bandwidth cost so that we take the promotion." ,then that is a need.

    So you can say

    "We upgraded our network bandwidth in our company (the price is decreased form NTD1,875 to NTD999 as the result of CHT promotion).

    *As a result and As the result

    use "the" if you want to emphasize the result of that promotion

    use "a" if you are describing a general result of that promotion

    Based on your Chinese sentence, you are emphasizing the reuslt of that promtoion, therefore, use as the result of.

    2014-10-16 07:38:12 補充:

    Change the typo

    the price is decreased "form"


    the price is descreased "from"

    ***I copied and pasted partial translation of yours.

    2014-10-16 14:55:27 補充:

    Good job, Nathan,

    However, to be more specific

    Due to a/the recent promotion, CHT has offered/is offering to upgrade (our) broadband/braonetwork bandwidth without escalating prices/escalating the price/price escalation.

    "I would prefer to use "has offered" or is offering here.

    2014-10-16 15:30:50 補充:

    Nathan's answer is a bit ambiguous. It indicated that CHT upgraded all its network by providing broader band without a price increase. For example, Verizon "upgraded most of its own networks" from 3G to 4G and offered a free upgrade to all its customers.

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  • 6 年前

    Due to the recent promotion, CHT has upgraded the broadband without escalating the prices.

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    Our network bandwidth is upgraded but the charge is down due to CHT promotion.

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  • 羅莉
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    6 年前




    With our network bandwidth upgraded, the price does not increase but

    decrases as a result of CHT's promotion activities.

    2014-10-17 11:20:22 補充:

    as a result of : 用於多種結果之一

    as the result of: 用於唯一且直接的結果.

    有人指稱我句中的"as a result of"應改為"as the result of", 恕難苟同.

    CHT的促銷案可產生各種結果, 不一而足, 例如市場行情下跌.用戶激增.市佔率改變....等等, 價格下降只是結果之一而非唯一, 故本句應使用as a result of才是正確的.

    參考資料: 羅莉 -- 文法+語意
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