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題目:MY Dream job



(希望可以一句英文一句翻譯 或者 全部英文全部翻譯





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  • 6 年前


    Lately, I am dreaming of being a chef. Being a chef, I can feed the hungry and nourish the poor. I can cook for my love and bake for my folks. Even when I am simmering away for mere strangers, it is their stomachs that I have total control on. Will it be a happy and satisfactory day for them, it is all up to me, with a little Santoku in hand.

    Yes, I also decide the World War III will never happen. Simply, I stir fry my hottest kong pow chicken for Chairman Mao, my juiciest garden burger for George Washington, as well as my best Bear Paw stew for Lenin. They all enjoyed the food so much, they became best friends forever.

    What, other than food, else can bring all mankind and womankind together? Forget your ideologies and leave alone your religions, come, my dears. Come and enjoy the food I am preparing for you. Vegetarians? No problem. I have a lot of fruits and ice creams. Diabetics? Sure thing - there is apricot lemon sole and brown rice.

    Come one, come all - let's make food, not war.

    2014-10-17 12:41:05 補充:

    Hmm, when does the HK cat become a dream policecat? Probably it needs to book Shakespeare for writing a midsummer night's dream too.


    He who dreams no ambitious dreams deserves no dream jobs.

    2014-10-18 03:45:26 補充:

    To dream is to dare which HK cat probably cannot do.

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  • 6 年前

    That speech is too arrogant.

    2014-10-17 11:42:01 補充:

    Sorry, I rephrase, the one who wrote that speech is too arrogant.

    I should be more subjective on this board.

    2014-10-17 23:22:12 補充:

    Being arrogant and being ambitious are not the same.


    │ .✪‿✪ │

    ╰/) ⋈ (\\╯

    All of you have a nice weekend!

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  • 6 年前

    (希望可以一句英文一句翻譯 或者 全部英文全部翻譯) XD

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    6 年前



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  • 6 年前


    建議 直接找文章 去翻譯 比較快喔

    參考資料: 建議
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