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    Australian Office Statement

    17 October 2014

    The Australian Office informed Taiwan government authorities of the following information concerning five shipments of tallow imported by Namchow.

    The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has investigated and has confirmed the five shipments that were the subject of Taiwan authorities’ enquiry met the requirements of the certificate agreed on 13 August 2014 with Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration for unrefined edible tallow (Declaration and Certificate for Shipments of Tallow for Further Processing). Should it have been a requirement at the time of export, the Department would have certified this product using this certificate. That is, they were suitable to export for use in food production.

    The use of words “for Industry Use” need not connote a non-edible product as it may relate to use in the food or any other industry. This unfamiliar English usage may have given rise to some misunderstanding. “Industry Use” is not the same as “Industrial Use”.

    We have told Taiwan Authorities that the Department of Agriculture understands that, in this case, the goods were not intended for industrial use.

    澳洲辦事處 官方聲明


    澳洲農業部已對於此事件做出調查,並確認臺灣政府機關所提問的五批產品,符合臺灣食品藥物管理署于今(2014) 年 8月13日同意的「牛油(脂)經加工後可供人食用出口證明文件」的要求。 若當初在出口時需官方出具相關證明,澳洲農業部會依規定對該出口產品核發此證明文件。也就是說這些產品是適合出口供食品製造使用。

    有關文字用語 “For Industry Use” (供產業使用) 不僅可供人食用,也可供食品業或其它產業使用。 若不熟悉此英文用詞,這個用語可能造成誤會。 “Industry Use” (供產業使用) 和 “Industrial Use” (工業用) 意義是不同的。