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療美 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前


1.I'm not angry with my sister.I'm angry with ()


2.When i visited her,she was alone.=When i visited her,she was by herself.


3.M,the book is Tony's.Pass it to ( ),please.


4.Tomy and (  )will go to thhe hospital to see our teacher bacause ( ) is sick.

請問這一題為甚麼是i; he

5.Sorry,i forgot ( ) telphone number ,so i couldn't call you yestreday eveninig.


6.Sometimes i don't like Taipei bacause the weather here

is much hotter than ( )Taicgung in summer.


˙7.J;( )did you live with for many years when you were in Hualien?

T:I lived with my grandmother for five years.

請問這一題為甚麼是who而不是what 或how long

8.Peter saw am old friend of ( ) in the front row amd run to her right away.

請問這一題為甚麼his而不是 her

9.Ken;(  )is bigger?

M;i thank the pick one. 請問這一題為甚麼which


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  • 6 年前


    "myself" is a reflexive pronoun, used when the subject of the sentence and the object are the same person.

    I am angry with myself. "I" the subject of the sentence. "myself" the object of the sentence. Therefore, you are supposed to say "myself" instead of "me".

    "me" is an object pronoun.


    There are two independent clauses within the sentence.

    The first clause is a "when" adverb clause showing time relationships.

    As a result, it does't apply what you said " no two verbs in one sentence".


    The ( ) is an object.

    Obviously you need a object pronoun, such as me, you, her, him, it.

    Tony is supposed to be a male name, so him is used in this sentence.


    The first ( ) is a subject, so is the second ( ).

    Apparently you need a subject pronoun, such as I, you, she, he, it, we, they.

    "He" for the second ( ) refers to the teacher and also their teacher.


    You need a "possessive adjective", such as my, your, her, his its, our, their to fill out the gap. The possessive adjective used here is to modify the "telephone number". Him is an object pronoun.

    e.g. my car, your car, his car, her car, their house


    Sometimes I don't like Taipei because the weather here is much hotter than the weather in Taizhong in summer.

    Sometimes I don't like Taipei because the weather here is much hotter than that in Taizhong in summer.

    "that" refers to the weather and is used to avoid repetition.

    e.g. Textbooks in the US are generally more expensive than that in Taiwan.

    "that" refers to "textbooks".


    Basically, I won't ask in that way. Instead, I would say something like:

    How long did you live in Hualian?

    Who did you live with In Hualian?

    Did you live in Hualian for many years?


    Use possessive pronoun here.

    Peter saw an old friend of his in the front row, …

    Peter saw his old friend in the front row,…

    Peter is obviously a male name, so "his" is used instead of "her".

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