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Citron 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前

Discharge + obligations 啥意思?



RECOGNIZING that Parties to international conventions have accepted, as part of the ratification process, the obligation under applicable international law to fully meet their responsibilities and to discharge their obligations, as prescribed by the conventions and other instruments to which they are party,


Audits should be pragmatic, fair and carried out in accordance with an agreed time frame. Recognizing and appreciating that different Member States may have different and equally valid ways of discharging their responsibilities, audits should be conducted by appropriately trained and qualified auditors, in a consistent and objective manner. Consistency and uniformity in the quality of audits must be ensured.



Master DaSaGwa,

Thanks a lot!

Now I see.

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  • 6 年前

    "discharge" here means "履行", hence

    discharge obligation = 履行義務

    discharge their responsibility = 履行他們的的職責

    2014-10-21 22:13:54 補充:

    This is NOT a common use, usually, it means the opposite (to relieve of responsibility or obligation), but in this case it means:

    to fulfill, perform, or execute (a duty, function, etc.).

    2014-10-21 22:43:58 補充:

    This is the trouble English has, the same word can mean the opposite when it uses in a different situation.

    2014-10-22 02:03:37 補充:

    For its definition, you can refer to this link:

    under item #4:

    4. To perform the obligations or demands of (an office, duty, or task).

    2014-10-22 08:45:33 補充:

    The reason I translated it as "履行" is this portion of sentence:

    to fully meet their responsibilities and to discharge their obligations,

    2014-10-22 08:46:30 補充:

    It uses "and". My take is "meet (完成, 實現) their responsibilities" AND "discharge (履行, not 撤銷) their obligations" shall be parallel.

    Not one is to "實現", but the other is "撤銷".

    2014-10-22 09:29:23 補充:

    In a word, I would understand it as:

    fully meet their responsibilities and to discharge their obligations


    if you translate it as:


    2014-10-22 09:31:52 補充:

    is kind of incoherent. After all, "responsibility" and "obligation" are related. One cannot have the obligation without the responsibility or vice versa.

    Anyway, this is just my own take.

    2014-10-22 10:05:42 補充:

    Master rjamesho!

    I do know the common meaning of "discharge," no matter it is used for the daily life or legal related issues.

    However, in the poster's sentence, it brought up responsibility and obligation at the same time. That is why I didn't understand it the common way.

    2014-10-22 11:56:54 補充:

    In Yahoo Dictionary,

    I found this sentence:

    She is competent in the discharge of her duties.

    This sentence has no other sentences around, how would you translate it?

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  • 6 年前



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  • 6 年前

    I will side with the priest on this particular question.

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  • 6 年前

    Master rjamesho,

    discharge + obligation = fulfill 只是我的猜測。




    2014-10-22 03:30:49 補充:

    Master rjamesho,

    I got your point now!

    However, with “解除或是卸除(義務/責任)”,我的中文翻譯很難翻得順耶。



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  • 6 年前



    2014-10-22 02:37:31 補充:

    To DSG: to clarify my question, why do you pick #4, and not #'s 1-3, or any of the #'s 5-10, especially #6 when it specifically address the use in legal term?

    I cannot tell from the context given in the question above.

    2014-10-22 02:57:02 補充:

    To Citron:

    就是因為“解除”和“完成”是不同的觀念,我才好奇,想參考一下例句來瞭解discharge當作perform的時候是在什麽context的情況下用的。 而由您的問題中實在看不出解釋成“fulfill"的關鍵在哪裡。

    畢竟把discharge解釋成“fulfill”或是“perform”都是蠻不尋常的 -- 尤其是在法律術語中。


    2014-10-22 09:50:51 補充:

    Here is legal definition of discharge of contract:

    The duties under a contract are discharged when there is a legally binding termination of such duty by a Voluntary Act of the parties or by operation of law.

    2014-10-22 09:51:07 補充:

    Among the ways to discharge a contractual duty are impossibility or impracticability to perform personal services because of death or illness; or impossibility caused by the other party.

    2014-10-22 09:52:23 補充:


    You need to scroll it 2/3 way down to find this section.

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