born again christian

How do you say "born again christian" in Chinese?



Do they call themselves as baptist or methodist or any other words in Chinese, esp. in Taiwan?

*The reason I asked because I have some Taiwanese friends here called themselves "born again Christian". Just wanna make sure they meant what they said instead of taking words literally.

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Thank you for the reference.

I understand the meaning of "Born again christian"...but I am trying to find out what Chinese words people use in Taiwan when they describe themselves as "重生的基督徒".

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In English, born again christian also means someone was a christian and then left the church for a day, they decided to go back to the church and be a christian again. So I am trying to find out if my friends are like that.

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Commonly, in the USA, people who call themselves born again Christian are either a snob or someone who joins a extreme religious group/church...etc....I am trying to find out what type of church my friends have joined.....

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  • 6 年前

    Born again Christian ~ 重生的基督徒。

    2014-10-22 04:21:44 補充:

    They meant they are not nominal Christians -- Christians in name only. Rather, they are pretty serious about their faith.

    2014-10-22 04:21:51 補充:

    Christians from all denominations -- Presbyterians, Baptists; Methodists; non-denominational...etc. use the term to differentiate themselves from those who claim to be Christians, yet are never sure or serious about their Christian faith.

    2014-10-22 04:23:38 補充:

    "Born again" means they have received a new life in Christ. (In reference to John 3: 3)

    2014-10-22 09:43:29 補充:

    I see. When I talked to Chinese Christians from Shanghai, they often speak of someone being 重生得救. Other than that, I am not aware of any specific designation of such term in Chinese. Maybe your friend just decided to get serious about his faith.

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  • 6 年前

    如 rjamesho 所說,一般稱「重生基督徒」,來自聖經:「我實實在在的告訴你,人若不重生,就不能見神的國。」


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