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各位教授早(午安),我是XXX,來自XXX,目前就讀XXX大學機械工程學系。個性細心且積極正面的我,在學業上,持續努力學習,有著不錯的表現。而在接觸機械五大力學之後,我對材料力學這部份產生了興趣。 在社團發展上面,我時常參與系上活動,並選擇加入壘球系隊,鍛鍊體能並培養團隊合作的能力,我也在大二大三主辦小型比賽,增強自己規劃活動以及實行的能力。此外,在專題研究中,我學到許多專業技術,並學習如何設計新電極。在實作方面,我投入產學合作計畫。將機械系師長所教導的理論,應用到此計畫中,並期望研發出能量產樓梯防滑片的機械設備。





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  • 7 年前

    Good morning (afternoon) professors,

    My name is XXX. I come from XXX. I am currently studies in XXX University with Mechanical Engineering as my major. I am a pro-active and detailed person. In my studies, I also drills on continuous study, and with that I have got good grades. Also after in touch with five forces of machines, I am highly interested in the Material-dynamic.

    In the extra curriculum, I enjoy the activities in my department, and so I join the softball team, not only for the exercise but also to build my teamwork ability. I am also host a game during my second and third year in school, to build up my ability to plan and execute. I also received many skills from my research done, and learned how to design a new electrical charges, and in practical senses, I am devoted to be in the co-op, by taking the theories from my teachers to applied to this plan, and hopefully to develop the machine equipment that is exclusively for that.

    Good luck to you!!

    參考資料: ~self~
  • 7 年前

    Members Prof. early (Good afternoon), I was XXX, from XXX, XXX is currently studying the Department of Mechanical Engineering University. Personalized care and a positive to me, in school, continuing to study hard, has a good performance. And after contacting mechanical five mechanics, mechanics of materials I became interested in this part.

    Community development in the above, I often participate in the activities of the Department and the Department of opt softball team, physical exercise and training capacity of teamwork, I also hosted a small sophomore junior competitions, as well as enhance their ability to implement the planned activities. In addition, case studies, I learned a lot of expertise, and learn how to design new electrodes. In real work, I put industry-university cooperation program. The teachers taught the theory of mechanical engineering, the application of this plan and expect to be developed.

    參考資料: google翻譯