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Abby Chou 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 6 年前










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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    I love my family, especially my mom. While I was a child, I remembered that my mom’s health was under good condition. But after we move into grandparent’s home, I thought that she endured intense pressure and her health condition went down. During I grew up, I always heard of that my mom was a hospital impatient and got surgery. Moreover, she ever faced the risk in life. While I was a student of senior high school and working on entrance examination, someday I heard of a bad news that my mom went into hospital. Then I had to move forth and back from school to hospital. I couldn’t focus on my studying and worried about her condition. My two elder brothers studied at the university far away and they couldn’t take care of her for a long time. Also my father had to work. So I had to take most part of the responsibility.

    While I was in mental or physical exhaustion, I had to overcome the difficulty as the ill person had to suffer from the pain.

    My mom stayed in hospital for a long time. I went to the university before she was discharged from the hospital. While I was a freshman, her health condition was fine. But she passed away at the end of that last semester. Someday I picked up the phone call and my family told me that I had to go home for no reason ASAP. While I went back, I was told to pray to my mom.At that time my brain was fully blank and my tears were falling down.I love her for she is the only person that I can depend on. It is the big regret in my whole life that I couldn’t accompany her while she passed away .

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  • 匿名使用者
    6 年前

    I love my family, especially my mother. I was very young, I vaguely remember my mother's body is actually pretty good, but since moving there with her ​​in-laws live with her ​​aunt, probably because of the psychological pressure, mother's body gradually decline. When I was growing process, most often heard is that my mother is in the hospital, my mother also surgery, and may even have been dying to hear the ....

    Middle School is to fight the system when measured, but suddenly received the bad news in one day, said my mother in the hospital. During that period I have been running a day school home hospital, has no intention of studying, my brain is worried about her mother's condition. Two brothers have read the University in the field, even if occasionally there can not be too long to come back, but my dad has had to work, so no matter what the hospital or at home almost all of my treatment. Whenever I feel my strength and spirit of the time limit has been reached, I would think, sick people more pain, I have to cheer.

    Mom stayed in hospital for a long time, but before I was in college, my mother was discharged.

    In the time I have on the mother's condition considered stable. Until a final exam at the end of the night, I received a phone call in advance should I return to Taiwan, his family did not say the reason, I can only call as soon as possible as quickly as possible.

    Return to Taiwan to go home, I heard the first words, talk to your mother on a fragrant.

    Moment my mind went blank, have not had a chance to react unconsciously tears came.

    I love my mom, she is most know me, my biggest regret in life is that she did not take the time to accompany her.

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