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lose one's nerve

lose one's nerve


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  • 5 年前

    lose one's nerve 指 「某人退怯,不敢放心大膽去做某事」。

    nerve 在這裡不是指經常看到的 「神經」,而是指 「勇氣」,敢於冒險犯難、克服困難的勇氣,lose 是「失去」,one's 是 「某人」 的所有格, 「lose 某人的 nerve」 就是某人失去勇氣:

    I rushed to his office trying to talk to him, but I lost my nerve at the door.


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  • 5 年前

    I thought, Feline seeing the AP will change "roar" to "meow".

    2014-11-04 10:17:20 補充:

    I am NOT sure, but you tell me!

    2014-11-04 11:39:27 補充:

    flood the basement? with what?

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  • 5 年前

    I pee in my pants when I see a lion in my room.

    2014-11-04 09:49:47 補充:

    How does it have anything to do with me peeing in my pants?

    2014-11-04 11:03:10 補充:

    Those felines flood the basement. That is what I am telling you...

    2014-11-04 20:59:26 補充:

    With what else can be in the bladder?

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