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鴕鳥 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 5 年前


In this study, purposivesampling, selecting qualified research object, and then randomly assigned.Study inclusion criteria were (1) the physician diagnosis of primaryhypertension; (2) to close the case between 150mmHg systolic value to 180mmHg;(3) willing to accept acupressure and fill consent; (4 ) between the ages of40-75 years old. Exclusion criteria were (1) the acute phase of stroke orsuspected cardiac chest tightness, chest pain; had to use short-actingantihypertensive drugs within two hours ago (2) to close the case; (3) taichongpoints broken skin or leg muscles and joints injured; (4) unconsciousnesspersons; pain, temperature> above 37.5 ℃, asthmaor breathing difficulties breathing (5) to close the case; (6) pregnant women.Acupressureexecutives received seven basic nursing courses TCM nine credits total 180hours of training and obtain certification by exam. Training includes meridiansand acupoints theory and practical operation. And, before closing the case,asked the two practitioners to guide and assess the validity of the researcherspressed Taichong location and facilities for the methods, and the occasionaldiscussions with practitioners in the process.



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  • 5 年前

    In this study, purposive sampling methodology was applied on selecting qualified research object and randomly assigned into each category.

    Study inclusion criteria were (1) Primary hypertension object being diagnosis by physician; (2) Object with systolic blood pressure between 150mmHg to 180mmHg before end of experiment;(3) Object who willing to accept acupressure with consent filled;(4) between the ages of 40-75 years old. Exclusion criteria were (1) the acute phase of stroke or suspected cardiac chest tightness, chest pain; (2) Applied short-acting anti-hypertensive drugs within two hours by end of experiment; (3) Object which found broken skin at Tai-Chong Points or joints/leg muscles injured; (4) Object found unconsciousness ; (5) Object found aching, body temperature above 37.5 ℃, asthma or breathing difficulties by end of experiment; (6) pregnant women.

    Acupressure executives received- seven basic TCM nursing courses, nine credits, total 180 hours of training and obtained certification by formal examinations. Training includes meridian and acupoints theory though practical operation. Meanwhile, before end of experiment, two practitioners were asked to assess and validate Taichong location to facilitates for the methodology, with guidance and discussion of practitioners during the process.

    我平時都在幫忙做專利翻譯,但是比較多是在化學/電子/光電領域 碩博文章/專利方面。

    幫你整理了文法和句子,剩下醫療專有名詞的部分請您再仔細跟老師溝通好是要統一用哪一個專有名詞後再請您做修改。 我這邊用的是通用的專有名詞。

    希望對你有幫助 =)

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